Students leaving University campuses for fear of violent attacks in Oromo region

  • Students taking refugee in churches, among other areas
  • At least three students killed in Dembi Dollo university in Wollega, Western Ethiopia.
Dembi Dollo University _ students

November 13, 2019

Students in several universities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia are leaving their campuses due to a rise in the security problem. The students are taking refugee places of worship including church. 

Haromaya University, Metu University, Jimma University, Dembi Dollo University and Meda Wollabu University have experienced the problem. At least three students are said to be killed at Dembi Dollo university in Wollega at this writing. At least ten students are wounded in Bulehora University.

Dechassa Gurmu,State Minister for Science and Higher Education, confirmed to DW Amharic on Tuesday that students have left the university campuses. 

Ethnic-based massacre in Oromo region of Ethiopia has claimed the lives of at least 86 people about two weeks ago, as admitted by Ethiopian government.

The ministry also told, Ethiopian government and affiliated media outlets, that students who are suspected of instigating clashes in different university campuses in the region are detained since Tuesday evening.

Clashes in Universities in the region came following the killings of two students at Woldia University last Saturday the causes of which are still under investigation.  Residents of Woldia town, in north central Ethiopia, took to the streets on Tuesday to condemn the killings and demanding government to bring those who are responsible for it be held legally responsible. Authorities in the region disclosed that 13 students are arrested in connection with the deadly clash on Saturday. 

For well two years now, Ethiopian Universities have become places where radical ethnic nationalists could easily manufacture conflicts. It has happened in most of ethnic based regions in the country- Amhara, Benishangul, Oromo, Tigray, Southern nations and nationalities, among others. 

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education introduced new rules in the registration procedure for this academic year with the intention to curb ethnic-based clashes in the universities which was highly criticized by ethnic radical activists. And it does not seem to work based on the experience since last Saturday.  

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