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Arsi University facing a security crisis, students affected

Arsi University _ Ethiopia _ Security

December 03, 2019

Students at Arsi University, in Asela town which is in Oromo region of Ethiopia, report serious security problems.

According to a report by Sheger FM, students in the Agriculture campus have abandoned their dormitories fearing for their lives and are taking a refugee in the wilderness since Monday.

Duguma Adugna, president of the University, confirmed the security problem. He said that Federal police and members of Ethiopian Defense Forces are on-site and that the university is working on to solve the problem.

What exactly is the security problem? It is a clash between students – seemingly ethnic-based one although the source did not mention it.

Students told Sheger, with tears, that a group of students was intimidating them saying that they could burn their dormitories.

Take a listen to embedded Sheger FM audio clip below.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education did not issue a statement, at this writing, regarding the incident at Arsi University.

The issue has become a pervasive problem. Sometime in late November October of this year, just to mention the most recent one, at least five students were injured following a clash between students at Adama University, in Oromo region of Ethiopia.

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  1. Mayday Mayday Embilta Gosumu!!

    The whole country is having a security crisis.
    So many people including little children and the elderly people are getting ready to go into exile to foreign lands right now.
    2020 might be the record year with people going in exile.

  2. So vitriolic, these are some poisoned individuals who spit their venoms whenever and wherever they can. Don’t forget there are millions who stood firm, pray and who hope for such madness to end. It will definitely will end, I think you poisoned individuals need to understand the strength patience and perseverance of Ethiopians. God bless Ethiopia and may his Almighty god stop these wicked evils.



    Poverty is not new to Ethiopia or Africa as a whole. Less than a dog type of Ignorance among University level students
    now that is new unheard of before TPLFs generation Oromos grew up, even among the indigenous tribes of Ethiopia this type of ignorance was unheard off.Indegenous people cloth you and feed you in their own culture but rarely chase peaceful people away because they are not from their ethnicity.

    if EPRDF generation exhibit this much ignorance in schools how are these same people going to be towards each other for the rest of their life outside school is the biggest question. This is not simple goofing off bullying, it is real serious real life nightmare trauma which the retard Minister of Peace M K is keeping on minizing it to save her image , it is high time the Minister of Health step in with psychological evaluators to evaluate and treat the underlying mental condition cause for this savages ignorance .

    Sources say the khat addicted students and Professors want to chase all other ethnicity students out and party all day with khat then by the end of semester getting good grades without learning in whichever field they chose with no clue about the field. Regardless what insanity epidemic need to be recognized and treated before the country explodes. There us no use teaching mentally sick students first cure there sickness.


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