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Ruling coalition council approved the merger to form “Prosperity Party”

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) council approved executive committee decision to merge three parties to form Prosperity Party. Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is not part of it

Coalition council _ Ethiopia

November 21, 2019

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) council approved on Thursday the merger of three ethnic-based parties to form a single one.

The decision was previously approved by the executive committee of the coalition in a meeting called last Saturday. Six members of the executive committee and they are from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), voted against the merger saying that the executive committee should first discuss the outcome of the research conducted to determine the merger.

The executive committee that voted in favor of the merger passed the decision to the ruling party’s council, has 180 members drawn from member parties that constitute the coalition, for approval, and it is approved.

Seemingly excited about it, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted about it soon after the completion of the council’s meeting:

“The unanimous decision passed today to merge the Party is a crucial step in harnessing our energy to work toward a shared vision. Prosperity Party is committed to strengthening & applying a true Federal system that recognizes the diversity and contributions of all Ethiopians.”

Technically, the claim “unanimous decision passed” sounds unsound given the reality that TPLF did not take part in the meeting which means 45 members the ruling coalition did not attend the meeting on Thursday.

On Wednesday, TPLF wrote an urgent letter to the ruling coalition saying that it will not take part in the meeting on the grounds that it has to discuss the matter at different levels of its organizational structure, and that it will call an organizational congress to determine the fate of TPLF. It also opposed, vehemently, that neither the executive committee nor the council of the party does not have the legal and political right to pass a decision on the merger issue.

It means that TPLF, a party that used to be a dominant power in the ruling coalition until early 2018, is not a member of the merged party that is to be rebranded as Prosperity Party.

Fekadu Tessema, the executive committee member of EPRDF who usually appears on state-owned and affiliated media outlets, said the council examined the details of the merger of the parties and has approved the merger unanimously.

He also mentioned that the result of the study supports the decision since the ruling coalition, in the shape and form to be phased out, incapable of ensuring continuity of what it called “change” and to ensure multifaceted prosperity.

The council has also discussed and approved the new party’s political program which outlines political, economic, and social and foreign policy issues. It means that the new party is throwing to the dustbin of history revolutionary Democracy ideology and policies.

The meeting is not yet concluded, and the party will discuss on Friday code of conduct and bylaws of the new party.

There is anticipation that the new party is unlikely to be from the influence of ethnic politics. Most Ethiopians seem to be indifferent towards the new political development.

Since the new party, Prosperity Party, avoided the word Ethiopia, seemingly to please support base in areas where there is radical ethnic nationalism and antagonism towards anything Ethiopia, many have found it difficult to support it.

Ethiopia will have a national election in 2020 and the ruling party has decided that it will not be postponed.

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  1. In a country where the judicial system is broken beyond repair expecting to bring the rule of law by mending the broken pieces together is not a solution.

  2. This is a step in the right direction and deserves encouraging nods. I hope and pray that groups in the opposition that are organized along ethnic lines will start to go along the same path. Meanwhile, I got news from the old country that the deacons of Mao have officially split from their own collision in not a dignified way. They have told the rest of the people of that glorious country get the stepping!!! The Marxist demagogues have left the family home in such repulsive and unceremonious manner. They call that a ‘defacto state’. And there seems to be no opposition in their hood strong enough to effectively counter that since they have successfully made their region a police state through a serious of purges during the last 40 years. A tearful reunion with their cousin to the north is not only possible but also inevitable. Then we will have not only one Singapore but two to enjoy from the outside looking in. They gave the rest of the dignified people of the old country the middle finger!!! What an attitude!!!!
    I join the dear Professor AL in mourning the death of those young men and women of the old country on that fateful and shameful day, the day that laid bare the fact that the deacons of Marx and Mao were not any different from their psychopath predecessors who gabbled up millions of their own citizens in The Soviet Union and China. They lived up to their committed tenets by which they raised the Name of The Lord Our Creator in vain. It was all told that the then leader had admonished his security chief for not using every means at his disposal to clear the mad as hell protesters off the streets. Off the streets he did!!! Mao style!!! Off the street he did!!! Stalin style!!! Off the streets he did by the book!!! That was the regime that claimed to have won elections by a land slide not once but twice since then. The loved ones of those murdered on that day still cry for a day in a court of law. Some of those mourners may not be with us anymore passed on with eyes still socked with tears for their sons and daughters!!!! The saddest part of their ordeal is when they were told by then leader of the free world that the regime was a democratically elected government. Ok, May be he might have had too much of that locally brewed khamr at the palace that day. It was obvious that members of his entourage were by the way they were jumping thru the palace roof at the tunes of laloye!!!

    Now, these ‘deresas’ of Marx and Mao are not done yet. They are telling everyone that if they cannot be in the sole leadership role of the old country, the hell with it!!! They have officially seceded from the family of the noble people of Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Somalis and more than 80 ethnic groups by calling their police state region a ‘defacto state’. I am warning you dear professor and all your readers to prepare yourself not only for one Singapore but two of them very soon!!! You should also prime yourself to see the flocking of every bigot including the punk rocking ones and make the joint of the ‘defacto state’ their conniving site!!!


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