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TPLF’s urgent letter to EPRDF: TPLF will not take part in EPRDF council meeting

TPLF urgent letter a day before EPRDF council meeting says TPLF will not take part and will decide its fate in a TPLF congress.

TPLF's urgent letter to EPRDF _

November 20, 2019

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) difference with the ruling coalition EPRDF, soon to be rebranded as “Prosperity Party,” seems to be widening.

As news that TPLF central committee is meeting in Mekelle following its disagreement with the merger of member parties of the coalition to form a single national party in social media, TPLF wrote a letter to EPRDF saying that it will not take part in the upcoming EPRDF council meeting which is anticipated to approve decision from executive committee meeting.

The letter which is signed by the Organization’s political head, Alem Gebrewahed, is shared on the official facebook page of TPLF. Merger of the ruling coalition is not something that could be decided at the level of the executive committee of EPRDF council level, says the letter among other things. . For that reason, said TPLF, its members will not take part in the council meeting which will take place on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

TPLF letter
TPLF’s urgent letter to EPRDF ( in Amharic). Credit : TPLF

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Council (EPRDF) council has 180 members equally drawn from the four-member parties that constitute the coalition namely, Amharic Democratic Party (ADP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), South Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

If TPLF is not sending central council members to the council meeting, it means that the ruling coalition could only carry out with 135 council members assuming that all the non-TPLF council members could make it to the meeting.

The council is one of the platforms where major political battles take place and it seems the case that TPLF possibly anticipated political defeat in that platform. 

Last week, TPLF started to attend the executive committee meeting of the coalition which was called to discuss the merger of members of the ruling coalition, including the non-voting members, but discontinued it on the second day of the meeting (Sunday) after the party’s executive committee approved the merger agenda with majority votes. The agenda was approved after the committee agreed on the result of the research conducted for years to determine the merger agenda.  Six members of TPLF voted against the merger during the executive meeting.

What will be the fate of TPLF if the EPRDF council approves the merger? It is unclear at this point. But TPLF’s letter said that “TPLF’s fate can be determined in the organization’s congress after discussions at different levels of the party structure carried out.”

This week, the party’s newspaper said, as reported by VOA Amharic that TPLF could create a “de facto state” since it has the capacity to form “all the necessary institutions of the state”

TPLF leaders have been talking for several months now that there is a secessionist sentiment in Tigray at this time but opposition voices in the region and public opinion do not seem to suggest that way.

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  1. The deacons of Mao have officially split from their own collision in not a dignified way. They have told the rest of the people of that glorious country get the stepping!!! The Marxist demagogues have left the family home in such repulsive and unceremonious manner. What an attitude!!!!

    I expect every other bigot from the old country will join them at their joint. That will include the punk rocking kind too. They will all congregate at the extreme left leaning yoga house in Makele and do the conniving together.

  2. ‘Kaferku Aymelisegn’ is an Amharic saying like ‘once I am ashamed, I shall not revert back’.
    I believe that their evil deeds is following them; not to chose good. This is a sign of their fate to be destructed from existence. Otherwise, the forces of unity in EPRDF are the agents of God for the fulfillment of promises of God to the nation – the nation will once again rise up to be a blessing for the world. Since ‘those who battle against God will be destructed, they will find themselves defeated’. This shows that the purpose for which they were established is over; & as a result they shall get away from the path of the people of Tigray. Leave alone the people of Tigray, Ethiopia will unite by the will of God into a great nation incorporating the then confederated Eritrea. 14 administrative regions, including ‘Sidamo’ (undergoing referendum) will make-up the new Ethiopia. It will be led by the newly formed national party, Ethiopian Prosperity Party. The opponents of TPLF shall now proactively convince the people of Tigray that TPLF era has expired! ‘Ethiopia shall raise her hands on to the lord’ in praises! Book of Psalms

  3. I am astonished and disappointed about your comment regarding the correct voice of TPLF. You branded them as Maoist, matxist demagogues although the previous administration’s policies were that of a revolutionary democracy and developmental state economy which are far off from total ownership of the means of production by the state as in communist countries. This policy has benefited the country in terms of economic rate of growth, reduction of poverty and social improvements. The separation of the party was fundamentally the result of undemocratic procedures pursued during the discourse for a unity party which should have been discussed and approved separately by the assembly of each party. Unfortunately, same was wrongly decided by the executive committee. Now, the option is for all federal forces to get together, form a party to compute in the upcoming election. Postponement of the election period will make the government, the parliament and other affiliated instituions illegal and the future will be anybody’s guess but definitely gloomy.

  4. ፖለቲካና ኤኮኖሚ ኣይገባኝም ልበል ? የኛ የኤርትራውያኖቹ መገንጠል እንኳን ኣዎንታዊ ውጤት ያልሰጠን እንዴት የኣቢሲንያያ እናት ትግራይ ትገነጠላለች ? ያዋጣል ? እኔ እንጃ

  5. As long as they remain peaceful in their resistance towards the party unification, it should be okay. Their choice.

    The people of Tigray will eventually decide what is best for them. Hopefully Abiy will bring the people under his umbrella, letting TPLF die on its own.

  6. We would like to take this opportunity to plead with the Tigrai people to give us (the ethnic Gedeo Ethiopians) a small piece of the Tigrai State’s land so we ethnic Gedeos can establish an independent Gedeo State.

    As you know currently we the ethnic Gedeo people are displaced remaining not to be able to return to our former lands since ethnic Guji people took our homeland from us by force rendering us to be stateless with nowhere to establish.


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