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Ethiopia: TPLF-Abiy Ahmed meeting ended in vain

TPLF intends to form a “defacto state” state if the Federal government is postponing Ethiopia’s general election in 2020.

TPLF _ Ethiopia _ Abiy Ahmed
Abiy Ahmed (left) , Debretsion Gebremichael (right)

November 19, 2019

As reported last Saturday, six members of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) voted against the merger of organizations and parties under the umbrella of Ethiopia’s ruling coalition during the executive committee meeting which lasted for three days.

Now details emerge that TPLF did not attend the executive committee meeting on Sunday, according to a report by BBC Amharic service on Tuesday. Logically, since the meeting after Sunday discussed party program and bylaws of the new party to be formed with the brand prosperity party, continuing to attend the meeting appears to have no relevance for TPLF.

However, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and TPLF executive committee members met separately on Sunday, BBC Amharic reported citing Asmelash Woldeselassie, one of TPLF’s executive committee members, as a source. It is, however, unclear as to who initiated the meeting.

What is known about the meeting is that the agenda was the difference between TPLF, on the issue of merger, and the rest of the coalition members of EPRDF that TPLF used to dominate for nearly three decades.  Abiy Ahmed, was apparently going extra-mile to see if he can convince them to continue to work with their former colleagues. And as it turns out, no agreement was reached, as reported by BBC Amharic which cited what it called sources close to the party.

Except one member of TPLF executive who returned to Mekele, seven members of TPLF have attended the separate meeting with Abiy Ahmed.

Although it is known that TPLF was no vocal opposition in the past regarding merger in the party, it has now emerged as a party that opposes the merger. It sees the merger as a danger to the unity of Ethiopia and also as a betrayal of revolutionary democracy ideology.

Paradoxically, TPLF also the effort to merge member parties of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) as an “effort to create a unitary form of government and an effort to maintain a hold on power.”

Those who support the merger, this includes five  parties who were considered as “support parties” with no voting privileges in the decision making process of the coalition, do not see it as a threat to the Federal system in Ethiopia. They rather see it as an important step to ensure equal participation based on multi-cultural federal system.  They also see the proposed merger, which is essentially completed, as relevant to give what Abiy Ahmed’s administration calls “change.” 

The process of merging the parties is almost completed. PM Abiy Ahmed conveyed a message in three languages on Monday soon after the completion of the executive committee meeting in which he said “he was very happy that the meeting brought the committee members closer together.” The party program and bylaws are drafted and sent to the party council for approval. It seems Abiy Ahmed is certain that it will get approved.

Meanwhile, 43rd year Number 2 edition of TPLF party newspaper, Woyne, had an extensive coverage about plan of actions if the next general election is extended. If the Federal election is postponed, Tigray could have its own election in order to avert what it called “legitimacy crisis”, as reported by VOA Amharic.  The party newspaper also thought in terms of forming a “Defector State” – something that opposition parties operating in Tigray, like Arena Tigray, opposed.

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  1. I am not surprised at all if the goons that have successfully yanked away a territory and its very proud people as their personal fiefdom oppose the move by the majority of the ruling party. They are part of a group in a generation that was afflicted by the demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism. You add the sermons of the psychopath Mao to that you have the perfect brew of supremacist ideology. In Europe they have the most diehard and extremist Neo-Nazis. In our hood, a defacto state means a defacto leader for life. If you are one of them, it means to you that if you don’t lead it or denied to lead it, it is the hell with it. Just take a look at what all the parties that were founded on the principles of this sick philosophy. They either don’t join you or they do everything they can to send you asunder if you don’t hand them over the mantle. They will never, ever accept others’ leadership. And when they carve out a fiefdom it will be nothing different than a police state. Just look around!!! It will be up to the noble people of Tigray. The choice is right there in front of them. They either have to continue being beasts of burden for these despots or join their brothers and sisters of the rest of the country. Nothing good will come out of going it alone for them. Nothing!!!

    • Good point.
      But the people of Tigray have sort of been betrayed by Abiy when he came to power. Instead of bringing them along into the change process and assuring them he cares about them, he promoted anti-Tigre sentiments in the rest of the country.

      That opened a vacuum for TPLF. A vacuum that was used to ‘protect the people of Tigray from Abiy’s revenge’. We have to admit that was a mistake on Abiy’s part.

  2. The Tigrayans need to reconcile as soon as possible with Amara otherwise, it seems like by making Tigray region as the devil when in fact the architect was Shabia/tplf/olf the Nesawchi monster which is a giant Monster has been eliminating the people in that region as an agenda against the entrie Ethiopia people including prior to 1991 (Eritreans, Tigrayans, Amaras, Oromos, Debubs, Afars, so on.) This Giant Monster designed by Shabia is a great asset to colonialists and globalists that will eliminate the people under the guise of ethnicity and religion. The political leaders are the branches of the Giant Monster NESAWCHI against entire people of the Horn of Africa. Wake up.

  3. Manniw kehuala yalew be Jewar huala? Ambo jegna niw! Ambo Urge tigrigna tenagri gudifecha niw! Ambo hezb jegna selehone, Ambo mahbereseben lemashemlele yetesetew haset sim niw. Jawar mulu le mulu kehualaw Tplf/shabia saynor aykerim. Enezih rif raffoch minim ye Oromo menfesim yelachewem! Kemal Gelchu, Dawd Ibsa Shabia/tplf ertrawi zer nachew, so is Jawar! Oromon ankew yeyazut ye shabia/tplf zer yalebachew gudi fecha nachew ende Tesfaye G/Ebab. Abyem endet tigrigna akelatfo endeminager yasteyekewal. Be mulu Oromo yehone meri yasfeligenal. Lema megersa erasun metebek alebet. Hulu neger azmamiaw tiru neger yale aymeslim. betam yetenekere network ale! Meslew yetekemetu alu Oromia wist.

    • During 1991 when Abiy’s team /EPRDF were fighting derg by heading to Addis Ababa, the ordinary people of Ambo town resisted ambushed and massacared so many of Abiy’s childhood friends in his team causing major damage to the whole EPRDF delaying them for too long , giving enough time for Mengistu Hailemariam to get convinced to pack up and leave the country. If Ambo people didn’t sacrifice themselves Mengistu would have fought in Addis Ababa until the last minute causing unimaginable number of human and property losses in an urban fight. Abiy/EPRDF suffered so much loss they had been taking revenge against Ambo ordinary people for decades until now every chance they got.

  4. Minim bihon, zare tiritare malet, EWNET malet niw. Itopia mahbereseb erasu metatek alebet. Befitsum atimenu! Hedo hedo yebet siraw tplf/shabia wist niw. Oromo lijochin kidnap adirgew Somalia wist bedenb anti- ityopia yatetuachew shabia/tplf nachew. zare ityopia wist enezih lijoch adgew, yewenet ityopiawi Querron, ke Fano, Zerma gar yetagelutin aswegidew, Aby eyaweke, be Jawar merinet enezih al-shabab wetatoch querro nachew bilew tekitew, ye ityopian hezb eyasgedelu niw. Aby wana sir le sir yemisera yimeslal. Adp wistim ye tplf/shabia rif raf saynoru aykerum, eske Demeke Mekonen dires lihn yichilal. Ye ityopia hezb enezih yemiyateratiru meriwochin by-pass adirgew, tenkara Oromo ena Amara meri degifu. Lema Megersa adega lai lihon yichilal. Oromo mahbereseb, beteley Ityopia negn yemil, bedenb ke Amara mahbereseb gar bego yehonutin gin tenkara yehonutin Oromowochin tebik!

    Aby befitsum yemitamen aydelem. Tirum bihon enkuan, siltanun lelela yasrekib ezaw, bego kehonut Odpwoch gar. Lemam chimir. Oromo adega lai niw!

    Be weshetamoch Olfoch, Lencho leta erasu tigre zer alebet, befitsum Borena lihon aychilum. OLf yetederajew eko be shabia/wich hail sir, bedenb tetento niw. ahun yeityopia hezb, beteley amaraw awo Oromo chefechefe yilu yihonal yihe ye haset weray, neger erakutun endayon. kuch bilo mayet yikum. Jawar tor eyazegaje niw be Kemal Gelchu gar, yih malet yewent Tplf/shabiawoch wetu malet niw, alamachew Oromian lemegnetel bicha niw. Ya milikitu eko asayetuachuahal. Oromia yeminorutin bemegdel lematsdat alama niw. zim ketebale, Oromo wist bemullu eyehedu endemigedlu tiritare yelewim. Ahun eyetekahede yalew ye Shabia/Tplf empire Oromia wist enji Oromo aydelem. Oromon niw yemitekemut. Ye Oromo gudi fechawoch beteley muslimoch le shabia/tplf tegeztewal, yih malet Oromo hezb niw malet aydelem. Oromo mahbereseb menkesakes alebachew. eyandandu mekelakeya wist network tezergifual kelay yetekemetw kunchow Aby kehone minim masakat ayechalim. Oromow ende Amaraw confused honual. Andina Aand niw Ityopia bemalet tenestew enezih shabia/tplf/olf rizirajochin maskom, alebelezia kuch belo mayet aytekmim. Ato Meraram, erasachwen madan alebachew.

    Asibut eski, 50 amet yeserut sera ewnet “ityopia” bemil meri amtitew yemiyaskemitu yimeslachihual?

  5. Shimeles Abdisa is the leader of Oromos. Shimeles and Debretsion always work together closely showing that Tigrai state and Oromo state are at the same page.

    Abiy is our chief of security, who secure us,mainly from rogue pardoned neftegnas such as Asaminew Tsige and Eskinder Nega.That’s why Debretsion is not concerned to enlust Tigrai’s soldiers to fight nephtegnas.Jawar is a philanthropist.

  6. Of course TPLF will never play part in peaceful and untied Ethiopia. It is not only power that they are starving for, it is also to keep the territory they illegally yanked from Amharas and the 27 years crime against humanity they are hiding from.
    TPLF after is a frozen in demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism after it has been dead for decads. TPLF and Shabia started dehumanizing Amhara as the oppressor by denying the truth on how Amharas thread the social fabric and selflessly paid the highest price in installing dignity, unity and pride in every Ethiopian for their selfish motive and gain.

    Of course the corrupted greedy TPLF is frozen in narcissism that they are the only one who should control power because according to TPLF goons Ormos are foolish ( “jiil” ) that do not know how to lead.


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