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Ethiopian Prime minister says death toll from recent massacre 86

“So as to ensure peace and security, government will take a measured action,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed making a televised statement. Photo : EBC

November 3, 2019

Amid increasing criticism over inaction of his government to hold key figures behind recent massacre in Ethiopia since last week accountable, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a televised speech on Sunday.

He still describes the tragedy as “conflict” – something that continues to anger Ethiopians. For the latter, it is a pure massacre perpetrated by radicalized ethnic Oromo youth nationalists, known locally as qeerroo.

The massacre started on the night of October 22 in several towns in Oromo region of Ethiopia after media entrepreneur and activist Jawar Mohammed wrote a facebook message accusing government of removing his security details which he claimed was intended to endanger his life.

Prime Minister Abiy was not explicit about his entities that are responsible for the attack. He left it murky saying as “the works of those who would like to take us two step back whenever we make a step forward.”

Apart from calling the incident that has shocked Ethiopia and beyond as “conflict,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came up with ethnic background of the victims. And the purpose, he claims, is to depict that the mayhem has affected many ethic communities.

His number, which is not independently verified, makes ethnic Oromos appear as largest number of the victims. He went to paint the figure as 50 Oromos, 20 Amharas, 8 Gamo, 2 Silte, 1 Guraghe, 2 Hadya, 1 Argoba and the ethic identity of one victim is not established – he said. Of course, it is unclear how his security apparatus identified the remaining and why the identity of one victims is not identified. 4 of the victims of women. 10 were killed during clash with law enforcement bodies, according to Abiy. It is, however, known that Ethiopian government deployed members of the defense force in several towns to as to control the situation. The remaining were killed as a result of “clash between different groups,” as Abiy put it.

For critical Ethiopians, the number he came up with is intended to overwrite the story that radicalized ethnic Oromo youth, qeerroo, unleashed inhuman and widespread indiscriminate massacres by closing roads. Majority of Ethiopians see the latest massacre as an act of ethnic cleansing on the part of radicalized ethnic Oromo nationalists.

Senior members of his government, including president Sahle-Work Zewde, spoke out sternly saying that a ” red line ” is crossed and that those who are behind the attack need to be held responsible. The prime minister speech lacks clarity if his government is going after catalyst activists like Jawar Mohammed, who is believed to be, in the eyes of Ethiopians, to ensure that rule of law is enforced.

His speech is featured below.

Video : embedded from state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video

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  1. The death of Asrat Woldeyes was the final nail in the coffin. Now it is time to resurrect the offsprings.

    Professor Asrat Woldeyes went to North Shewa making his historical speech in the early 1990’s, since then almost all of the Menzes you encounter now been in pockets of EPRDFtplfites just being paid by TPLF to get against Professor Asrat Woldeyes.

    Who was not willing to be in pocket got massacred is continueung to be massacred for more than two decades until now not by anybody else but by themselves who stayed in pockets.

    New generation Menze tried too much diplomatic niceness for the past decades till now towards all, be it towards Querro , be it towards Kinijit, be it towards TPLF , be it towards ODP…. List goes on ..not towards themselves though, that is why Querro don’t like Menze kids anymore even though some Querro and some Menze spent two decades together, who they grew up together in the same area Menze had been too victimized by EPRDF tplf people sadly still continuing to be victimized with that mentality followers.

    Naturally most Ethiopians be it Querro or not, almost all Ethiopians lost trust on EPRDF TPLF ,they don’t think ADP EPRDF TPLF affiliated is to be trusted regardless how much diplomacy menze practices about the reform they got no clue about, because the next day the menze are snitching to whoever about today. Menze to much diplomacy made them snitches.

    All Debre Berhan , Kemise , Ataye attack wouldn’t have taken place if Menze was not over diplomatic towards Querro.
    Menze been told by REFORMED EPRDF but didn’t listen, all Menze had to do was be cautious but Menze trying their diplomatic skills gave up being cautious, Those attacks led to Menze officials in military accusing Asaminew then Asaminew accused Ambachew the rest is history.

    All that would have been prevented if Menze was not too diplomatic towards Querro and took caution as supposed to.

    The drama about Asamimew getting to angry because menze temzaze accuseing the Amara military themselves would not have happened, if only they (military officials Menzes) did not metemzezed the reality because they know they could have been cautious. Menze Temzaze didn’t.

    Querro wants to be Querro , Querro does not want to be in “diplomatic relations” with Menzes Areqe friendship diplomacy.

  2. I would like to say a word or two to all my dear countrymen/women. The old country has gone through so much in its contemporary history particularly since the 1970’s. It had managed to survive one calamity after another to get here. It had one ‘re-defining’ moment in the late 1980’s that culminated in its dramatic change a few years after that. By then the world had made up its mind including its former allies that it had to change. It looks it is facing the same scenario today. There are two leaders competing for legitimacy over the same country. When one is saying yes the other one will soon rebut that with a resounding no. When one says ‘let’s move on’ the other is right there to say ‘No because I have a lot to talk about the past’. When one says the people over there has shown the world how to live in harmony and the other one tells him that the people there were in constant conflict because of virtual colonial oppression. When one tries to attest that at the moment he is the leader but the other one tells him ‘not so fast!!’ When one tells the citizens that some individuals have broken the law, the other one come back telling him ‘So what! Others had broken the laws for many years in the past too. ‘I’m the leader! No you’re not! I’m the real leader and there is nothing, nothing you can do about! You better be careful! You are a sissy and I’m a battle hardened fighter. You wanna do something about it? Step right down and try me. You sissy!!! I have my hommies in your house from top down. It is not like the good ole days. I have the Sebhat’s, Debre’s and all their entourage in my pocket! You are only good as a dead man walking!!! You just saw what fearless fighter did to your books!!!’ This seems to be the reality on the ground in the old country now.

    Let’s face it. For all intents and purposes one region has already seceded. Politically there is the ‘Republic of Tigray’ now. Now we should all be prepared to see another undeclared ‘Republic’ very, very soon. The preliminary work has been done already. The administration has been successfully infiltrated and snapped away from the very top all the way to the bottom by those on mission to facilitate the process. I have same feelings today that I had in 1989/90 that the world including the friendly ones had determined that the old country has to go thru fundamental changes. Once again, the rehearsal is going on big time now. The animosity has been allowed to go on to the brink of beyond repair. That was very intentional for a planned excuse in the future. I might have been so naive to expect otherwise. I just want to advise you to prepare yourself. She will be gone as we know her today. The 2nd process is in full swing away from the cameras and watching eyes. A child born today will not know what it looks like now 10-15 years from now. By then thankfully I may not be around to see it all unfolded already.

  3. The cause of the masactre should be well investigated and examined to bring all the responsible figueres to courtof justice. If this isn’t done strictly enough, the masacre will continue after a pause. To stop such brutal activity, the government should take a serious action for the past evil deeds so that to prevent any continous crimes, The action to be taken should a good lesson for all evil thinkers.

  4. The AMHARA elite wants us to believe that the killings was one sided and the only people who died were Amharas. In Bale Robe 12 ethnic oromos were slaughtered in their homes and on the street. In total there was around 23 innocent lives lost on both sides. Robe is mostly oromos and of Islamic faith. A great deal of restrain was shown from your so called ” Radical extremists Oromo qeeroos”. I am in not support of any loose of lives and unnecessary property damage. The places of worship from any faith should be protected by the government in times of civil unrest. Their will always be demented individual from both sides who will incite violence and attack each other’s places of worship to create havoc in the country.
    Above all else the government needs to be firm on issues of religion. We are heading on a very dangerous path and disintegration of this country is imminent if we continue this way.
    The biggest losers will be all of us.
    The AMHARA social media junkies need to be aware that the Solomonic DYNASTY will never be allowed in this country ever again. They also need to be aware that rule of one ethnic group over the others will not be tolerated ever. The rest of the country is paying the price of the inequality your fore fathers have created over the past century. YOU CAN BARK ALL YOU WANT BUT YOU WONT BE ALLOWED TO BITE YOU ARE ON THE LEASH.
    I don’t believe for a minute that a Abiy was behind the assassination attempt of Jawar. What possible benefit would he gain would he have except for mass massacre in the country and possible resignation of his government due to civil unrest.
    You got to ask yourself who will be real beneficiary from civil unrest in the country. Their are elite out there waiting for a loophole to take power, it doesn’t who is how many dies .
    This is a classic case of turning Abiy against Jawar or lemma against Abiy or turning the three against each other
    To our leaders, don’t fall into their trap be smart. We know you have your big ego to protect but the lives of many innocent human being depend on your judgment.

  5. stop whining sir you are the one fueling the genocide to restore your the socalled GOd-given hegemony.
    stop hallucinating sir or yefitawrari lijoch

    I agree to a certain extent with you: Amhar always muttering and telling us that they get massacred by TPLF, Oromo , Kimant , Agew, , Gumuz etc

    This is like what thy themselves portray it in thier own teret: A whip cries as it lashes, whips, itself.

    They themselves kill and massacre thousands and they still claim as if they were raped, harrassed, tortured etc

    Thier objective is to have the best of both worlds:Being an asylum seeker in the richest countries and get richer instantly

    And They are constantly and desperately seeking to be on the throne of solomonic dynasty or be the power behind the throne. haha

    What kind of what hallucination is that ? You just simply create drive people to get into the nonstop genocide hoping to maintain solomonic dynasty§

    THis people do many things to get elected and grab money such as selling stuffs from the church , accusing polticians as 666 followers , homosexuals etc BUt, as far as I know amharas work as security guards for magicians, as kedamis , hitmen and spies for wester world greedy and all time killers ETC etc

  6. 50 Oromos, 20 Amharas, 8 Gamo, 2 Silte, 1 Guraghe, 2 Hadya, 1 Argoba and the ethic identity of one victim is not established

    According to the above data , I firmly reach to the conclusion that Amhara elites the most violent people in that old country . But, What amhara is claining is a far cry from what we heard from the horses mouth. A complete lairs and killers throughout the Ethiopian history§

    Amharas stop it being a violent and spreading hate . You are tabot sellers and traitors


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