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Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde says “Red line crossed”

Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde says a red line is crossed in a reference to the massacre that has happened last week. when that happens, ” Let us say a red line should not be crossed ,” she said.

Ethiopian President Sahle-Work _  Ethiopia
President Sahle-Work Zewde

October 30, 2019

Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde is speaking out for the first time after the latest massacre that claimed the lives of 70-80 Ethiopians, according to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission figure, in Oromo region of the country.

The feeling of sadness is beyond words when seeing when our innocent citizens are killed brutally and shockingly, when they are displaced and hassled because ethnicity and religion are employed for a political purpose.

It was in a twitter message on Wednesday that the president expressed her anger and frustration in the Ethiopian official language, Amharic.

One of her tweeds could be translated to :  

“A ‘red line’ that we have to draw and respect for the sake of our country and people has been crossed; we all have a role to play to rescue our country from the danger that it is facing. All concerned bodies have to do their part. Let us say a red line should not be crossed”

Sahle-Work Redline
Screenshot of Sahle- Work Zewde’s tweet

She is the first top government official to condemn the massacre unequivocally.  At this writing, no other government official has openly expressed anger about the massacre in the Oromo region of Ethiopia which has shocked the entire country.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has not said anything yet on his personal or official social media account. In his personal, account the last thing he tweeted about is his congratulatory message to Canadian Prime Minister whom he described as “my friend” on October 23, the day the massacre started. He tweeted “Congratulations to my friend @JustinTrudeau for your reelection victory. Wishing you all the best ahead.”

On October 26, the official Twitter account of the office of the prime minister shared an image of the statement which many Ethiopians described as “too little, too late.” In the letter, he said that all those involved in what he described as “conflict” will be held responsible and that his government will “decisively” work on that. 

But what he did since a day after the “official statement” is appeasing, many Ethiopians on social media say, the very ideology that has become an inspiration for radical ethnic Oromo nationalists to unleash brutal killings of innocent civilians in the region.

On Wednesday, government media outlets reported that the office of the prime minister has organized a press conference. Who will be giving a press conference is unclear, and has become a point of speculation.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, which is reformed under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration, has issued a stern statement calling for the Ethiopian government to hold all those responsible for the brutal and shocking killings of innocent citizens. 

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  1. Borkena, let us not promote conspiracy and hate towards a leader who has done all he could to bring peace to the country, even going against his old friend Jawar. Also please check grammar.

  2. Your excellency

    What kind of steps and actions did you take so far to save lives ? It is no use of crying and bragging your excellency !!!

    Ethiopians enjoy talking and watching tragedies , but they donot do anything about it. It looks to me that it is our tradtion to squeeze our lips against eachother and spread and propagate rumours and stories!!

    She must act with her govt to save lives not sending force to kill innocent people!!

  3. Well done Mme President. You are the moral authority of the nation as a whole. Indeed it is appropriate for you to call on your government and the Ethiopian people that events have passed the limit of decency and regrettably of human compassion. Let all people rise to say the red line is crossed and all should be done by the authorities in power to save the situation.
    Terrefe Ras-Work

  4. Thank you Madam President for expressing your concern and frustrations on behalf of our people. It is indeed very sad to see our people slaughtered like sheep. But let us acknowledge this is the result of the hate speech that had been propagated by team Lema government officials such as Demeke Mokenen, Gedu call them many. We have now harvested what we had planted. I believe politicians should be diciplined.

  5. President you should watch our for yourself because the Prime Minister is skillful in eliminating people around him that say or do what he does not like. He wants to have the spotlight on him only. “Medemer” seems good ideally. It has been tried at different levels in the Ethiopian society, but “Medemer” was not able to succeed since there are many sabotaging people that made “Medemer” unable to function as intended with they themselves being an obstacle to whoever leans upon them.

    Most people that preach “Medemer” and insist on others to put their faith in them ended up being the main Banda sellout sabotagers themselves, who are unable to live upto the trusts they were given.

    Most “Medemer” preachers are sleeping cells that wait to get the chance to sabotage then so that they themselves claim to be skillful while others are failures. They live to discredit others for their ego trip , they don’t like others to be called skillful successful that is why they sabotage others so only they themselves look like they are the only worthy skillful once.

    Simple example is Abiy-INSA sabotaged Meles / Hailemariam while at the same time
    discrediting other 120 political parties then Abiy Ahmed ended up looking like the only person with his team Lemma fit to lead the country. As reality proved it now Abiy is not even fit to lead a village, he just looked like he was fit because he got a lifetime experience of medemering then sabotaging and discrediting other vulunerable people who got him close to them. Mostly Oromos are experienced in discrediting and sabotaging others through medemer since it is something they grew up with as part of their nature .That is why in Oromo culture except the eldest son who is allowed to start life where he grew up in a family , all other children are told to start life as further away as possible from each other.


      The fact is Oromo don’t want to sabotage by nature, Oromo got good intentions but was made unable to keep it’s identity forced to loose it’s values for centuries. It is true we had been forced to get scattered after we reach adulthood since we were treated to loose hope in ourselves since if we stay near our parents home we had been known to go stealing our brothers wife that’s why all of us siblings were made to stay away from the other siblings when we reach adulthood by ABA GADDA. All that is due to centuries of abuse from the nephtam nephtegna. The problem is Oromo had been abused for centuries , we cannot be expected to heal overnight, one thing I know for sure is the healing process had finally started and we will heal since healing is all we got to look forwards too.Whoever donot like our method of healing we don’t care , we tried a lot of other methods.

  6. Please take action that complement to the wrong action and recognise the rule of law because now at a time their is no rule of law in Ethiopian

  7. Hon Mandam
    Where were you when 250 children and women coldblooded or mascaraed by Amhara Special Force in one day? where were you when Kemant community mascaraed every day in their homeland. We have never heard your voice. Why today you are voiced without having any proof of evidence except the neoneftenga media crying. Those neftegna midia crying today never reported these tragedy took place Kimant, Gumuz.

  8. Your Excellence Madam President
    Your comment about the recent event in which over 78 innocent citizen killed manifestation of your baizenes and interference in politics. Hence I have the following query for your excellence!
    Where were you when Kimant was massacred by Amhara Special forces? Where were you when 250 innocent Gumuz children women and men were massacred? Where were you when Wollo was massacred? How now the red line crossed in Oromia? Hence your comment is the manifestation your interference in politics colluding with neoneftenga against Oromo.


    With EPRDF’s blessings Oromo had been killing Amara in Oromia every chance the Oromo got since EPRDF got to power in 1991, with many their bodies never found.

    The only difference what happened now is Oromo burnt down millions of birrs worth properties, EPRDF only worries for the properties not for the Amaras lives.

    EPRDF is the organization that
    forcefully fed pills tablets poisons to stop Amara women from ever having babies.

  10. Thank you aAbesha. This is not the time to insinuate some hidden motives, and as a result drive a wedge among and between the leadership.

  11. 78 people gone just like that!!! They were there yesterday tending to their own affairs at home but dead and gone today! These could be my sons, daughters or grandchildren with the whole world ahead of them!!! They’re gone just like that leaving behind wailing mothers, fathers and loved ones!!! O’ my beloved country!!! Woe for your lost children!!! Woe! Woe!! Woe!!!!

    In the meantime, those who instigated this senseless bloodletting are still having the life of their time. They are gabbling up their fillet mignon every night while grieving mothers are crying rivers outside for their lost sons and daughters!!! These unrepentant bigots have the audacity to stick dagger in the wounds of the mourning families by blaming the victims for their own deaths. Where did such so cruel creatures come from?

  12. Awaj!

    Egna Ityopianoch kafinchachin belai selemanai, lela sihetet wist endangeba! Yeityopian wist ena wech telat sanatena besimet tenedten awaki negn sele Media akalehu bilew be Ityopia sim, melaw mahbereseben mesdeb, Ityopian betelatochachin yemifeligutin agegnu malet niw, yihewem, eskeminitelalek dires ers bers torinet meketel malet niw. Ye ityopian meret lijochua endaynorubat matsdat malet niw. Ewnet ewketu keleachihu, ay yene wegen yashenifal selezih nigigirun eketilalehu, bla bla bla eyalachihu tilachan eyasadegachiu yemitiguazu, Fake nachihu malet niw sele Ityopia. Be telatoch yetezegaje Oromo meslew beye social media photo letatfew Amaran/Ityopian yemisedbu, behaset yaltebalewen keyayrew alu bilew ye Oromo kuankuan yetereomu. Hezben wede simetawi lemekeyer be gosa meknyat. Yet neberachihu tplf 27 amet sigedil, sichefechif, etc. selezih enkerdadun ketefu meleyet, erasu ye Ityopiawiw sira niw. Stop bejimla ye ityopian mahbereseb Oromo/gala/amara/ neftegna malet. Tplf Mekelw kuch bila alemuan eyayech eko niw, egna aha Oromow niw, sinil. OMN/Jawar, enezih enezihen anetatro mekawem enji, Oromo mahbereseben mekawem, eda yaskefilal sihetetim niw. selezih niku! Yerasachihu yebet sira niw, kehuala mann yezer tikatin yemifetsimew. stop bejimla amaran/oromon mesadeb stereotype madreg. Dinkurinam niw. beneka ejachihu, tplfenem mekses yeityopiawiw sira yihun.


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