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Ethiopian PM breaks silence over Oromo region violence that claimed at least 67 lives

Ethiopian Prime Minister seems to think that the violence in Oromo region of Ethiopia that claimed at least 67 lives in the past few days is a politically motivated one. He says it was meant to distract the march on the path of reform. His statement says that government will decisively act to bring “those responsible before law and punish them.”

Ethiopian PM _ Oromo violence
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Photo source : EPRDF official page

October 26,2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed finally breaks his silence on the latest string of violence that claimed the lives of at least 67 people, as confirmed by media outlets like Reuters, across several towns in Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Oromo regional state police has confirmed the numbers. It has also confirmed that more than 200 people have sustained injury some of them life threatening.

The prime minister was in Russia for the Russia-Africa summit, seemingly he returned to Ethiopia either late Friday or early Saturday. 

In a statement issued on Saturday in Ethiopia’s official language, Amharic, which is shared by the office of the Prime Minister, state and affiliated media, he said, “First I would like to state that I am saddened by the violence that claimed the lives of citizens and destruction of their properties.” 

The statement confirmed that churches (Ethiopian churches) have been burned, businesses attacked and destroyed. Residents (did not specify the number but news sources estimate it to be that hundreds of thousands of people) are displaced. Inter-regional passengers stranded. 

“A horrifying and evil act, that is even hard to hear about it, let alone to see it, is committed  against our compatriots,” it reiterated.  

He then pointed out that the challenge that Ethiopia is facing could be difficult and scary unless Ethiopians stand together and work together. 

There was an effort to give the problem an appearance of violence based on ethnicity and religion in the eyes of the prime minister. “Because of that out compatriots have been sacrificed in a shocking way,”he added.   

In terms of action, the statement said, “We will work to ensure the rule of law  is enforced and that the culprits are held legally accountable.” The Prime Minister emphasized that the government will work decisively towards that.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s statement also said that “the purpose of the challenge was to make us feel disappointed and derail us from our path…even if we face a bigger challenge, we will not stop marching forward. We will not abandon the wheat either because of the weed. What we would do is that we will uproot the weed. We will remove hurdles and keep on focusing on ahead, and will not be distracted to the left or the right.” 

The latest string of violence was triggered by Jawar Mohammed, a media owner with more than 1.7 million followers on facebook, when he wrote an update claiming that armed groups are deployed to his residence on the night of October 22. 

Most of the victims in the latest attacks were followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Churches were torched with fire in some places. In Bale Robe, Oromo region, even a hand grenade was thrown in a church.  

The Ethiopian church has called on a memorial service on Sunday across Ethiopia to pray for the victims. 

Ethiopians defense forces are deployed to different parts of Oromo region of Ethiopia to restore order but it is not confirmed if the situation is under control at this writing. 

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  1. In the latest development I had found this very interesting announcement by the very capable US Ambassador to Ethiopia H.E. Michael Raynor about the current carnage unleashed by self-designated ‘liberators’ of my proud Oromos. The last paragraph tells it all. This is how wise men should do the talk.

    ‘In the end, each of us is responsible for our actions and decisions. Provoking violence is morally reprehensible. So too is failing to reject such provocation. All of us have the freedom — and more importantly, the responsibility — to choose peace, unity, and tolerance. There is never a good reason to do otherwise.’.

    You hear that bigots? As I said before the government there should ask the US official to restrain their citizen. There is enough lesson from the experience of how Ayatollah Khomeini used to be appeased while living in France in the years leading to the 1979 so-called revolution. He was even allowed to charter Air France and return as de facto leader. When he arrived at Tehran he was so puffed up by the number of the people who gave him a hero’s welcome. The rest is history. The poison he seeded still remains to be a nightmare to the citizens of that country. He used every ounce of hysteria to accumulate sizable following so fanatic they would do anything for him. They stood at gates of raging fire because he promised them milk and honey eternally after sacrificing their priceless lives for him. In the meantime, the first item on order for him was to secretly marry an 18 yr old virgin. I remember what one Iranian told me way back in the early 1980’s. He was so enthused to tell me how the 18yr designated consort was examined by a gynecologist for virginity. If one build up so much hysteria from a distance and his followers are willing to put their dear lives in line to do whatever he tells them to do, then that by itself spells bigger trouble in the offing. So US officials there or here should restrain their loose cannon citizen. I agree with the dear Ambassador that the time now over there is for everyone to work together like hand and gloves and create a stable environment to encourage FDI the country needs very badly. The youth does not need to march into the streets welding deadly implements for much ado for nothing. But instead it needed to be flocked into waiting factory and work. Keep busy at least 8 hours a day. So everyone! Please take notice. Consider yourself forewarned!!!! Read it! Live it!!! This is the link:

  2. The Kinijit cadres that got pardoned then let out of prisons and let comeback to the country from foreign.lands are doing everything in their power to create conflicts.

    Diaspora funded Kinijit cadres are not using vehicles but the Kinijit cadres are flying in airplanes from one town to another in Oromia region faning the conflict flames they themselves ignited by bribing ,intimidating and antagonizing the Ethiopian security apparatus.

  3. All Ethiopians men , women , elderly need to learn practice self defence ASAP since the security apparatus of Abiy’s administration is full of Querro’s close family members, it is upto us to ensure self defence .

    Key security apoaratus positions holders in Whether METEC , Federal police, regional police , militias or defence ministry military soldiers are mostly closely blood related to Querro hulligans.Jawar is not commanding Querro by himself, it is team Lemma behind the scenes that are responsible.

    Basically Querros are the errand boys of the security apparatus commanders of the country who Abiy/Lemma appointed handpicking each one of the Querro affiliated security apparatus who not too long ago eliminated Ambachew , Asaminew …….the list seems to be never ending unless we all quickly rise up and defend our turfs.

  4. He is amhara in disguise

    but I wish him to live longer and get cured. He is spreading hate and violence in one way or another . You know people understand the message of a nice pastor differently let alone the perverted and fabricated story of ethiopian tribes presented by fake historian, Taye Bogale.

    We have lost many innocent people from different tribes. I donot wish any one to get murdered regardless of hhis or her tribal background or religious views.

    He is a tool for fanatic and narrow-minded amharas. This doesn’t refer to innocent farmers and the amhara tribe as a whole. You could call me as you like or interpret it in any way you like , I donot give a TOSS guys!!!!

    I donot call you mycountry fellowmen as we are killing with one another Who knows you will kill us if you find us in the wrong place and wrong time. All people dying out there are innocent for me. I am not habesha or ethiopian but just stateless as we are notified as killers globally.

    It is the darkest era of all time now§ Think of your family member get killed brutally . It is the same story as you see it many people get killed linchingly. May God protect innocent people , but we donot rely on ABIy’s fort they are paid to protect him until he lose his power or fall victim .

  5. This is a Biased news, not only the churches are burned, but also Mosques are burned in many places including Nazreth and Diredewa. What is the reason behined concealing the facts? Burning of churches and mosques should be a painful for all of us.

  6. Since 1991 Woyane physically and mentally abused Millions of young Ethiopians anyway TPLF can. Generations of youth had been sodomized by Agazi soldiers be it in concentration camps right after the 2005 election or in other places since 1991,that is why the many sodomized Ethiopians call themselves “ZEGA” in Amharic while sodomizing other recruits to join “ZEGA” to join them in the homosexuality filled destructive lifestyle,

    Same as Querro initiated recruits by Sodomizing the young who are unaware unsuspecting about Querros homosexuality deeds . Many Querro themselves were sodomized by Woyane Agazi in concentration camps .

    Agazi Querro Zega and alike are the product of Woyane’s barbaric rule , Getachew Assefa’s spies crew sodomized routinely fondled men genitals of men prisoners for decades trying to turn prisoners into homosexuals.

  7. In the middle of all this savage rampage by the blind followers of the punk rocker, it is uplifting news for me to hear that level head Oromos were seen trying the harder they could pleading the mob to go back to its ‘barracks’ without causing any harm to others. They were seen trying to protect others who the savage mobs were rushing to hack to death. These level heads were not spared either.

    Meanwhile, these classic connivers who claim to be leaders of the morbid OLF are heard blaming the federal police for the murder of innocent citizens by the fanatic followers of Charles Manson. Are those guys gone mad? It shows the level of the quality of their principle, if they even have any. This is another case of self absolution. They were the ones who have been spewing around poison and urging my people to arise and physically eliminate people they call ‘neftegna’ when they were told that is too dangerous and too reckless going back the late 1960’s. They are the ones whose professorand ardent supporter was writing on a Diaspora website what our noble Amhara neighbors have been calling me and my Oromos. Those alleged denigrating insults can send any gullible youth into a rage and into uncontrollable rampage. My question to him, as an Oromo, was how was he able to find out those? He himself must have been saying those himself all along because nobody would dare to say those to him or in his presence. But he wrote that rubbish because he like, his idols, is gripped with such hatred toward others he thinks they are not one of his own. Such is the sickness that runs deep in the veins of these bigots.

    If Obbo Jawar has a common sense, he should have waited until the business hours and go to the HQ of the federal office and ask for answers. No, that was not his cup of tea. He likes drama. He likes publicity. He enjoys his grandiloquent image when speaking to a crowd. He has been spoiled by everyone including those in the media everywhere for not asking him tough questions and for not challenging him for hard and ocular evidence. When he claims to be someone with experience in international mediation between warring groups, nobody asked him for a proof. When he claimed right on an international media that Oromos used to be jailed en masse for speaking Oromifaa, nobody asked him for ocular proof. I wasn’t. My father wasn’t. More than a million my Itu Oromos weren’t. The entire Western Hararghe was buzzing with Oromifaa on market days. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to buy a single can of life saving grain. The whole area was buzzing in Oromifaa even when the late emperor’s motorcade passing through it all. But he was allowed to harangue such anger fusing diatribes unchallenged. Such unchallenged personality in a ‘leadership’ role has given him the wrong impression about himself in that he feels he can make that gem of the colored into anything he desires. He might have been led to believe that he can hand out ‘republics’ like candies to anyone he feels like it. You want a separate ‘Republic of Tigray? Just tell me when. I heard you want a new spanking ‘Republic of Sidama’. Say when! You want a religious republic? Let me talk to the Wahhabis first because they are the big buckets and I will get back to you with the good news. Remember I will be the only qualified persecuted punk artist to be the president of all new republics!!! Get it? Not you, Me!!! Anyone who has a center cut fillet mignon? I’m getting hungry here!!!

    Folks, this is the usual consequence when someone is left unchallenged as ‘de facto leader’ of any group. The late PM was left unchallenged once he was able to wrestle away a front that was founded for a noble cause. He wanted to form a party called Marxist-Leninist nobody in his entourage came out challenging him. He was allowed to puke that satanic verse by Marx that religion is the opium of people in that bastion of Christianity where Negash(Nejashi) saved Islam. He was led to believe that he was absolutely infallible. If he wanted to kill prisoner war against the Geneva Convention he gave a hoot about that and he sent them to be shot somewhere faraway in remote location. Nobody can tell you where their Allah created sacred bodies were buried or disposed. That must be a lesson to all those who are now there on the spot. No one should be left unchallenged for their follies. Spades should be called just as that, spades. There should be any tolerance for lies and exaggeration. Everyone should be aware of the fact that there is a significant section of any given society that does not possess the sophistication to look through what it is hearing or reading. And this section is potentially the most dangerous, the most destructive and the most deadly. This section is the one who was told ‘There were here to kill me in during the night and when I was in bed’. And we had this. We had such unimaginable act of savagery I now have to live the rest of sunset life ashamed with as an Oromo.

  8. Awaj!

    To all Ethiopians! Petition to shut now Ethiopian Review! It is the number one website instigating ethnic cleansing of Ethiopians! I am sending message as soon as possible force this so called “Ethiopian” Elias to shut down the website or face courts for instigating ethnic cleansing of Ethiopians particularly against Amharas. What a shame! It has become a portal for communication against Ethiopians. please share. This shameful individual Elias, did he sell the website to anti Ethiopians?

  9. ቦርከና የነፍጠኛ እና የኣሃዳዊ የሃጸይ ስርዓት ናፋቂ ነው።
    በግዜህ የእጅህ ታገኛለህ።
    ሌባ ነህ እሺ።
    ለራስህ ዶላር እየበላህ ንጹህ ኢትዮጵያዊ ታፋጃለህ።


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