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Groups in Oromia detained archbishop Gorgorios III for several hours, forbade Meskel celebration

Groups in what is Oromia region of Ethiopia forbade Meskel celebration in Bishoftu town.

Abune Gorgorios III detention in Oromia

September 28, 2019

Authorities in Debre Zeit (Bihsoftu), a town just 44 kilometers southeast of the capital Addis Ababa, which is in Oromia region of Ethiopia reportedly detained Archbishop Abune Gorgorios III for several hours. 

Bishotu (Debrezeit) Horaarsidi lake is where the tradition Oromo religion,Wakefena, yearly ritual takes place. Believers of Waqefena call the the ritual “thanks giving” or Irreecha.

Abune Gorgorios is in charge of East Shewa diocese of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. 

What is known about his detention so far is that he went to the Mayor’s Office of Bishoftu around 1 p.m. local time to appeal that Church choir who were waving the Ethiopian flag, which is also widely used in the Ethiopian church, were stopped by a group of the mob as they were making procession to the city’s Meskel Square. 

Part of Meskel celebration in the tradition of the Ethiopian church is a Bonfire. In Debrezeit (Bishoftu), the pyre like structure prepared for the Bonfire was ablaze weigh before the celebration by a group believed to be radical Oromo ethnic nationalist youth, also known as Qeerroo.

And the Meskel celebration in the city was canceled. 

Borkena news writer reached out to a credible source with insider information. The sources confirmed that the incident happened, and Meskel celebration, which was celebrated across the country, did not happen in Debre Zeit.

The source also confirmed that Abune Gorgorios III went to the mayor’s office and “was not let out of the office for several hours” after he spoke with the mayor. 

However, his apparent detention was not ordered by the Mayor sources told borkena. Groups, perhaps in government offices, who seem to have overpowered the mayor might have ordered the detention. 

Related reports on social media say that Abune Gorgorios personally asked to leave and to meet “with his children [spiritual children] but the groups were not willing to do so. 

At this writing, the Abune Gorgorios is not under detention. 

What seems to be Bishoftu city administration supported detention of the archbishop and cancellation of Meskel holiday celebration in the city came at a time when Ethiopian government is claiming that it is working to address the demands of Ethiopian orthodox church.

Followers of the Ethiopian church took to the street repeatedly demanding an end to orchestrated attacks on the Ethiopian church. They accused the government of not protecting the right to freedom of religion and worship which is a constitutional right. 

The Ethiopian church has become targets of radical ethnic nationalists, especially in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, among other regions.  

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  1. This news outlet always report fake news, and unreliable information. They said, “…who overpowered the mayor might have ordered the detention”, which tells me that they report based on information any one post in facebook which is most of the time is not true.

  2. You are Propaganda machine . Brokena news article is well known for fabricating fake news. Shame on you. You are not News Media, but opposition group that want to destabilize the country.

  3. If the information happens to be true, that won’t surprise me. Soon his Excellency Dr.Abiye will clean up the remains of Weyane and Olf sympathizer out of office.
    Just wait and see Dr. Abiye is stronger than ever.

    • fake news

      church always need to control the media using fake info and always side with the state

      Church never help the poor and even poor churches other than selling what is given for free. Freeloaders are the one who eat up the monthly income of the poor habesha by doing nothing to the society.

    • Egna gudachin niw, bezih sewye ityopian metal zebet niw. Min enawkalen neger 360 degree bikeyer. ahun eko Olf/shabia yefelegutin eyeseru niw, minim yekelekelachew neger yelem. wey erasu yalebet wey erasu teyzo selehone, endet niw ye ityopia hezb kuch belo yemitebekew? ye ityopia hezb yerasun destiny berasu mahed niw, aand gileseb, eske zare siw eyetegedele balebet huneta endet niw mengistin hone abyen mamen? ityopiawiw erasu yasferal astesasebu, aby yetebekenal kkkkk. esu metfo/teru yemehone gudai aydelem. Lelaw demo, yezih mengist degafiwoch, befit Hewahat, Hewahat sil yeneberew, zare oromo dem kalew zim malet zer oromo becha lemegzatem hone lemasgentel, oromo ityopiawiw eyadenezezut niw bezer gudai. Shabia ertrawianochin atalelele zare eyebereru ke ertra eyewetu niw. tplf tigrayochin atalele, zare siltananchew seletekemu tigrayochin meret eyeneteke niw. Debub Sudan erasua mesale nat, ke Enat Sudan eneley belew kegin geziwoch gar tewedajtew, bahelachew yalhonewen protestan emnet, bandira fetrew ager meseretu, lik Oromiyan ene Jawar yemiyadergut alam. Debub Sudan yet niw yalew zare, 1 million hezb ers bers tefaje, endale yewech hail werotal habtun eyezerefe niw. ye debub sudan hezb erehab, sekoka lai niw. Nesa Mawtat lezih niw? Ye Oromo hezbem yemiyagatimew yehew niw, be Oromia Islamia, Aby beferemew ye UAE areb ena lelochin keshabia gar liyaswerer niw. ena hezbe adam, beteley kedebuboch oromo nesa yawetanal belew, sayasebut yemayhon chigir wist endaygebu, erasachew target wist ene guragewoch eyegebu niw. amaraw yaw be semen eyeteteka niw, distract lemadreg amarawen Oromo be ireecha nesanetachinen agegnen lamesbal.

  4. One thing is for sure PM Abiy Ahmed is a fraud. The little amount of sensible thing he talks is not what he believes, he talks just by copying the millions of Ethiopians EPRDF imprisoned interrogated for decades.

    INSA AKA (info distorter voulcher )is currently interrogating NAMA and Baladera so Abiy copies their ideas on his speeches, Killing imprisoning Nama Baladera is done so the EPRDF killing machinery start copying the baladera and Nama just on their speeches while the EPRDF killing machinery continue their ethnic cleansing, just for talk they appear to be saints but their actions promote ethnic cleansing since their real beliefs and the actions they take is far from what they say.

    Achamyeleh Tamiru explained very well who this fraud PM really is, on Achamyeleh Tamiru’s article titled ” Who is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali? ” .

  5. Meles Zenawi was evil and the church sided with Meles Zenawi.
    Mengistu Hailemariam was evil and the church sided with Mengistu,
    same as the church is siding with Abiy ..

  6. If this is actually true, there is a need for a second King Zeryacob in Ethiopia.
    Read his actions from history and how he created such a strong church.

    • fake zerayocob

      he was a killer .? ready his true story not a fairetale written by amhara elites who get drunk sipping tella and atella

      amhara wrote fake homily and canonize rogue leaders like zerayacob and also claim they have crosses and icons descending from heaven to attract these gullible people.

      How many people were raped by amhara priests and bishops and told to remain silent in the name of protecting the reputation of the church ?? This act is committed including priets and leaders of mahibrekidusan, freeloaders. if they show you some pretenciously religious actvities it is part of thier advertisment to promote thier business.

      It is a NGO and political organization to propadage and advance amharanisim

  7. fake church leaders and priests selling our heritage and national pride

    they donot represent the land other than outcrying and excommunicating true servants taking the advantage of thier gullible fans

  8. In Ethiopia, especially in oromia region a regional president by it self have a big strategy and plans to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Church history. As I think, those group wants to change the image of Ethiopia which is highly connected with Orthodox Church to their new religion.For me,their religion is not GOD but racism. That is what we are looking.my mother is Oromo and my father is Amhara I am not racist. Because of in oromia region there is a believe that Orthodox Church is Amhara’s religion so they don’t like it.that is why the government by it self become quite when attack is opened on this historical Church at reside . I believe that there should be a response from the followers if they don’t stop such shameful activity.I AM ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN!!! for ever.

  9. you were one of the victims of debtera and amahara priests

    amhara priets and bishops are known to worship Devil and reciting his(devil) homily and greetings . Amhara is known to propagate hate, commit genocide aginst minorities and also spyng for the western world, your masters .

    Amhara is also advocte of homosexuality through its priests. Go and ask ethiopian police that they will tell you how many cases they have been dealing with. Cases related rape and abuse by amhara debteras and priests . We donot sell tabot and artifacts like you guys and flee t US and canda and UK like you
    I bet if you can renounce this case .
    Orthodox is favricated by amhara and tigray elites

  10. Ergetegna negn, Aby ena be wist lewist ye eslamawi agenda yale yemeslal. Jawar kuncho niw. Ye Oromia meri Aby Muslim. Ye Debub Meri Moferiat Muslim, ye Amara Meri Demeke Muslim. either kerestianun lemasferarat yetakede zede niw wey ewnetim, ye islamawi ekd be ityopia ale? yam hone yeh, Aby ene Jawar enesu nachew belo lemasabeb enji, esum yalebet yemeslal. Tikatu befesum ayakomim. iii alem torinet ityopia kene saudi iran gar agebtewatal. wanaw ityopia wist torinetu Haimanotawina bezer gudai yenesalu, ortodoxen amaran lematfat already tejemerual. yalew hail amaraw wist lihon yechelal, akim yalachew aymeslim be debub demo, oromoia Wa Ejeton anesabehalehu eyale niw. somale kilil selam yemeslal. ityopianoch wid wid neger eyelebesu, b/kerestianin ende bete mengist kemadreg, beteneku yemeretal. ahun eko kekit belai mablechlech letena aymeslegnem siw eyemote eyeterabe. setochuma yeleachewen tsegut meret dires be wig, makeupachew ashangulit. yezih hulu kale kit mehon ye simintegnaw shih medres meleketu niw.


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