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Ethiopian Church followers took to the street across many cities, towns

Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers condemn government inaction in the face of increasing mob attacks, burning down of churches and killings of priests among other things.

Ethiopian Church Followers
The Demonstration in Dessie. Photo credit : Social Media

September 15, 2019

Tens of millions of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church followers took to the street across many cities and towns in Amhara region of Ethiopia on  Sunday after morning mass, reported Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA)

The demonstrations have already been completed; no incident is reported, according to AMMA report. 

Dessie, Gondar, Debretabor, Meket, Kombolcha, Nefas Mewucha, Mekane Eyesus, Mekane Selam and Belesa are some of the cities and towns that saw massive demonstrations. 

Demonstration in Gonder. Photo credit : AMMA

Government and government-affiliated media have not covered the news at this writing. 

Demonstrators demanded an end to what they think is a planned and orchestrated attack on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

They have chanted slogans like “those who attacked the church and killed its followers should be held responsible for it,” “Government should repair burnt churches immediately,”  and “The church has contributed to the freedom and independence of Ethiopia by nurturing courage and unity, and does not deserve this [mob attack]” were some of the slogans. 

At least 15 churches have been burned across the country in a span of less than 10 months. Followers of the church believe that some government officials have not done as much as, if at all, they should protect the church from mob attack mostly from ethnic radical groups in various ethnic-based regional states – mainly Oromia, SNNPR, Benishangul and Somali region of Ethiopia.

Ten organizations affiliated with the church and operating in the country were planning for demonstration for today but they disclosed on Friday that it is postponed to November 9 pending results of a dialogue with the government which reportedly promised to address the demands of the organization to reverse mob attacks and all other forms of attack on the church. 

From the massive demonstrations held in different cities, it is clear that followers of the Ethiopian Church did not accept that the demonstration is postponed. 

Meanwhile, four associations affiliated with Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church have planned a demonstration in four North American cities on  Thursday, September 19, according to a report by Voice of America Amharic service report on Sunday. As the demonstration in Ethiopia, the purpose of those ones that will be organized in North America is to demand an end for mob attacks on church and killings.

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  1. I remember what someone told me about the origin of the word Showa ; An amharan woman gave birth to bunch of kids and her father said / my daughter you are multilpying . what a blessing ! May God muliply your children , said her father when he bless his daughter . since she was making babies in an unusual way.

    Lije shiwayitu shi hugnulin aluwat yibalal. But She was living in wollo. As amharas claim they were later migrated and invaded the current Showa .

    Amhara is saying we are the one who settled in addis ababa, formelmy finfine, before Oromos but this doesn’t entitle them to own addis ababa .

    Let alone amhara , who arrives late, red indians are no longer considered the leaders and owner of australia , newzealand and US.

    Amhara is producing self-contradictory story hoping to confiscate a land and expell others using the church by numbing the laity;




  2. ቤተክርስትያኑ እንደተከፈለ 44 አመት ስለሆነው በደርግ የተወሰደባቸውን ንብረት መመለስ አለብን “ለፊውዳል ኢምፔርያሊስት ሞአ አንበሳ” :: እንደገና ቤተክርስታያኑን ተመልሶ አንድ ለማድረግ “ከፊውዳል ኢምፔርያሊስት ሞአ አንበሳ” የተወረሰ ንብረትን በካሳ መልክ ወይም ንብረቱን እንዳለ (ለቀድሞ ባለቤቶቻቸው) “ለፊውዳል ኢምፔርያሊስት ሞአ አንበሳ” መመለስ ግድ ይላል:: ካልተመለሰ ወደ የማያባራ ክፍፍል ይገባናል ::
    The Church had been split since 1974,
    when the rev o lu tion ary Dergue (Com –
    mit tee) seized power, but par tic u larly
    when the Pa tri arch, Abune Tewophilos,
    who had served dur ing the lat ter reign of
    Em peror Haile Selassie I, was as sas si nated
    by the Dergue in 1979. The Dergue then
    in stalled Pa tri arch Abune Takla Haymanot,
    and later in stalled Pa tri arch Abune
    Merkorios, who went into ex ile in the US
    in 1991. He then was ac cepted as the Pa –
    tri arch by the di as pora Ethi o pian Or tho –
    dox com mu nity.
    The Tigré Popular Lib eration Front
    (TPLF) — when it seized con trol of Ethi –
    o pia with the col lapse of the Dergue and
    its So viet spon sors in 1991 — in stalled
    Pa tri arch Abune Paulos, and then, with
    his death in 2012, in stalled Pa tri arch
    Abune Mathias.
    Ethi o pi ans, who had never in his tory
    left their coun try in large num bers,
    flooded out af ter 1974 to cre ate a global
    di as pora, with as many as one-mil lion in
    North Amer ica. Most came to look to Pa –
    tri arch Abune Merkorios for spir i tual
    On July 26, 2018, Dr Abiy, im me di ately
    upon his ar rival in Wash ing ton, DC,
    brought church lead ers from Ethi o pia
    and the di as pora to gether as part of an
    Ethiopian Or tho dox Tewahedo Church
    Uni fi ca tion and Rec on cil i a tion cer e –
    mony. The two syn ods of the Church
    agreed — ap par ently with en thu si asm —
    to unite, re stor ing Pa tri arch Abune
    Merkorios to nom i nal head of the
    Church, de spite his now ad vanced age
    and frailty, with the TPLF-in stalled Pa tri –
    arch act ing, ef fec tively, as the chief ex ec u –
    tive of the Church, and re tain ing his rank
    and sta tus.
    This re uni fi ca tion was of stra te gic sig –
    nif i cance in it self, quite apart from the
    enor mous im pe tus it gave for the res to ra –
    tion of Ethi o pian iden tity. And it is sig nif –
    i cant, too, that the now-united Church
    lead er ship sees that a pil lar of the Church
    is its link to the Solomonic line rep re –
    sented by Ethi o pia’s Im pe rial dy nasty.
    The Church lead ers, to gether in Wash ing –
    ton, DC, for the Prime Min is ter’s visit,
    met with the Pres i dent of the Crown
    Coun cil of Ethi o pia, Prince Ermias Sahle-
    Selassie Haile-Selassie, grand son of Em –
    peror Haile Selassie, and af firmed their
    mu tual good will to work to ward im prov –
    ing Ethi o pian unity and de vel op ment.
    Prime Min is ter Abiy took Pa tri arch
    Abune Merkorios back to Addis Ababa
    with him when he re turned on Au gust 1,
    2018, end ing the Abune’s 27-year ex ile
    which be gan when he walked alone
    across the Ethi o pian bor der into Kenya.
    He re turned to Addis Ababa to be met by
    sev eral of fi cial bands and stands of sup –
    port ers and Church of fi cials at Bole In –
    ter na tional Air port, and went im me di –
    ately — through streets lined with
    sup port ers — to the Na tional Ca the dral,
    Holy Trin ity, where he met with Pa tri arch
    Abune Mathias.
    [In an emer gency meet ing called on
    July 30, 2018, the Ethi o pian Or tho dox
    Tewahedo Church Holy Synod based in
    Addis Ababa lifted the ex com mu ni ca tion
    of mem bers of the Holy Synod based in
    the US; the ex com mu ni ca tion had been
    in sti tuted soon af ter Pa tri arch Abune
    Merkorios left the coun try in 1991.]
    But what was sig nif i cant was that dur –
    ing the Prime Min is ter’s visit to Wash ing –
    ton, DC (he also vis ited Min ne ap o lis and
    Los An geles) he met with key Mus lim
    Ethi o pian lead ers, par tic u larly the Sul tan
    of Afar, Sul tan Hanfare Alimirah, who,
    like his late Fa ther, had op posed the
    Dergue and re mained a sup porter of the
    mon ar chy. He also ad dressed a large gath –
    er ing of Ethi o pian Mus lims. It was
    known that the Sul tan of Afar’s fam ily
    and en tou rage met with Crown Coun cil
    Pres i dent Prince Ermias dur ing the Prime
    Min is ter’s visit to Wash ing ton, DC.
    What was clear was that Dr Abiy had
    pre sided over not only the re uni fi ca tion
    of the Ethi o pian Or tho dox Church —
    say ing that it was im pos si ble to think of
    Ethi o pia with out tak ing note of the Ethi –
    opian Or tho dox Tewahedo Church (to
    which he does not be long) — but had
    also brought about a rap proche ment be –
    tween Or tho dox Chris tians, Protestant
    and Ro man Cath o lic Chris tians, and the
    dis tinct brand of Ethi o pian Is lam. It is
    dif fi cult to over state the uni fy ing im pact
    of Dr Abiy’s moves, not only with the
    Church, but also on end ing the con flict
    with Eritrea, and mov ing against cor rup –
    tion and in free ing large num bers of po –
    lit i cal pris on ers.
    It is also dif fi cult to re call when a sim i –
    lar pro cess of mass sup port — par tic u –
    larly on the scale of the Ethi o pian,
    Eritrean, and Djiboutian rally — has oc –
    curred in Af rica, uni fy ing not just a coun –
    try, but a re gion. The ab so lute and over –
    rid ing mes sage of Dr Abiy — which won
    the great est pub lic re sponse — has been
    to stress na tional unity over eth nic and
    re li gious di vi sions, and to stress that the
    sov er eignty of Ethi o pia was par a mount.
    The Domestic Impact
    There has been dis rup tion to a
    pat tern of na tional man age ment
    which had evolved over the 44
    years since the Dergue’s coup.
    This will take some time to sta bi lize, par –
    ticularly as Prime Minister Abiy moves
    heavily against po lit i cally and fis cally
    cor rupt for mer and cur rent of fi cials.
    It is sig nif i cant that the anti-cor rup –
    tion cam paign on which the Gov ern ment
    was now em barked was not, as in some
    coun tries, merely a dis guise to sup press
    po lit i cal op po si tion. The cor rup tion had
    been real, per va sive, and a source of much
    of the pub lic out rage.
    Ethi o pian an a lyst and for mer World
    Bank ex ecutive Dr Aklog Birara noted, in
    a post on ECADForum.com on May 19,
    2018: “Ethi o pian so ci ety has been ‘bleed –
    ing’ or hem or rhag ing from theft, graft,
    nep o tism, cor rup tion and il licit out flow
    of mas sive fi nan cial and hu man cap i tal
    for al most three de cades.” He also noted
    that the so lu tion for Ethi o pia was not
    more for eign aid, given that the pre vi ous
    Gov ernment had already received $30-
    bil lion from the US alone, and that this
    was, es sen tially, sto len by the then- lead –
    er ship. He praised the new Prime Min is –
    ter’s at tempts to re cover funds, pros e cute
    cor rupt of fi cials, and to em power the
    Ethi opian economy.

  3. Yes, he killed a great number of people. I should say he massacred infinitely many people. Amhara always try to conceal about his inhumane act since he is married to an amharan woman , gojame, wubanchi bichaw.

    Let me tell you from what I remeber as a kid, the patriarch Abune Morkorios and other amhara bishops were derge supporters . At that time many amhara people donot like this patriarch and bishops they were known to be derge cadres .

    However, now people praise Abune morkorios since amhara like to befriend with anyone who hates TPLF and Tegaru. Ye telate telat wedaje new==the enemy of my foe sis my friend.

    Hailemariam deselaegn was photographed with Mengistu, sewbelaw, cannibalist, since he want to please amhara elites and push his political agenda forward.


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