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Meaza Ashenafi insinuation on bringing criminals in Tigray to justice turns out to be playing card for ethnic-Tigray nationalists

Meaza Ashenafi insinuation on Defense Force intervention to capture criminals in Tigray region, in northern Ethiopia, became a political playing card for TPLF.

Meaza Ashenafi - Ethiopia
Woizero Meaza Ashenafi, president of the Supreme Court of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

August 5, 2019
Updated on August 6, 2019

Meaza Ashenafi is among the few women who came to one of the top government offices when prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government dealth with gender imbalance in governance position. She became president of the Supreme Court of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

When she was appointed to the position in November 2018, she pledged to make restoring public trust in the judiciary as her key priority areas.

Despite some reform measures in that area, the court faced the challenges of holding criminals accountable – especially criminals who are believed to be hiding in Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

This week during a forum on justice week, Meaza Ashenafi remarked to a question related to disobeying court orders. She said during a nation-building process all measures will be taken so as to enforce the rule of law and she cited a case in the history of the United States of America under the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower when a defense force had to be deployed to enforce the rule of law.

It is apparent that the question implied Tigray regions stand not to cooperate with the Federal government to hand over criminals. However, Meaza Ashenafi did not mention Tigray and is unclear if she meant to point a finger to Tigray.

But her remarks has become very controversial and an important playing card for Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an ethnic Tigray organization governing the region to mobilize much-needed support in Tigray by way of projecting a threat against Tigray.

As well, pro- TPLF activists on social media are exploiting her remarks as evidence that the Federal government could declare war. Some activists are already writing something that sounds like a warmonger. 

Daniel Berhane, a pro-TPLF activist, and owner of HornAffairs. On August 3, he wrote ” Meaza Ashenafi and her benefactors should learn from history.No external power defeated Tigray in history. Don’t overestimate your temporary advantage. We will retaliate. We have a long memory. The north remembers.” 

Other Pro- TPLF activists are saying that they have lost confidence in Meaza Ashenafi as Federal courts President.  Someone who identified himself as Tilahun Kassaye on Facebook “We have no a slight of confidence left on Meaza Ashenafi, a proponent of war against own citizens, heading the Office of the Supreme Court of Ethiopia! She has publicly violated the solemn swearing she committed to uphold the constitution and the provisions thereof. She owes our people an immediate apology and graceful resignation before further deterioration of the honour we attach to the Office! Nothing else can remedy the injury she has inflicted to our people and the good office!”

So far the Federal Defense Force has intervened in Amhara, Somali, South Ethiopia and Oromo region of Ethiopia, at least once, to restore law and order as the safety, security, and property of citizens in some parts of the above-mentioned regions became risky. 

But in all of these “interventions,” the Federal regions were cooperative and they apparently initiated deployment of the Federal Force. 

That is not the case with Tigray. Several crime suspects including former chief of intelligence Getachew Assefa are believed to be in the region and several court orders have gone unanswered. 

It is that very situation which seems to have convinced the Federal court president that it is only the Defense force that can do something about bringing criminals in Tigray to justice. 

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  1. Meaza comments coincides with the idea of chauvinists that are greedy by the progress of Tigray. Criminals in Tigray should be handed over but it has to be fair how about criminals in Oromia and addiss. Isn’t the boss of Getachew former PM Hailemariam. How about talking about the former PM.

  2. Elsa,
    Your comment (??) is laughable and a perfect indication of how the average Tigre thinking works.
    Have a look at your first sentence that makes no sense at all.

  3. Yes she is trying to attack tigray under the pretext of law and order . keeping peace and order is now becoming a shield and a pretext to attack , enslave and torture people in the modern day regadless of where we live . However, ethiopians prefer to hand over , downgrade their fellowcountrymen while theycan’t reslove their own problem in and outside their country.

    Bogus law and order used to justify tribalism and peace and tranquility apart from using guns and musclebuilders and and eletric fences.

  4. she is using law and order as pretext to attack tigray . why she is turning blind eyes to the crimes committed by amhara and others

    she must be fueled by the hate and tribal idiosyncrasy.

  5. Tigray is no exception to the rule of law. If they are hiding criminals, then hand them over.
    Of course, other criminals from other regions should be dealt with first, like the Oromo radicals causing much displacement.

  6. Deep inside large number of our northern citizens, tribalism is still boiling, when ever someone raises the issue of our criminal citizens,they point fingers at Oromo, Amhara,so on, this is an absolute Barbarism. It’s like communicating in a distant with out wires. Just bunch of echoes.

  7. Daniel Birhane’s silly comment makes me roll over and laugh,is that one of Game of Thrones meme and gaf when he says “the north remembers”?

  8. From what I heard of her comment at the gathering recently, I did not find any fallacy in it. It is true that Ike after nationalizing the National Guard units in Arkansas he sent them to make sure the schools were desegregated. There have been thousands upon thousands of occasions where the federal administration had sent its own law enforcement officers to arrest criminals in various states. How about the late President Kennedy? He ‘federalized’ the national guards just Ike did before him and sent them to the University of Alabama to enforce desegregation. What we all to realize is the fact that those national guards did not go with sticks but locked and loaded guns that tamed committed bigots like the then Alabama governor George Wallace. That is what needed over there in the old country. There should be a federal government that is respected with awe. Which means it has the upper hand in its well trained forces than the regional administrations to ensure every citizen’s inviolable rights to earn a living and raise family wherever he/she feels like it according to the law and live free from fear? That is what bigots don’t like and having fits with it nowadays!!!

    Our daughter Meaza bint Ashenafe had it right. You male chauvinists just couldn’t help it to see such an accomplished woman telling you(us) the truth nothing but the truth. Leave her alone!!!! Go get’em tigress!!!!

  9. Meaza a Sudan size mouth breed of leper Minilik, brags as if should could order the security forces to invade Tigray so as to subjugate and embarance the people of Tigray. Though, I don’t doubt, if they (Minilik breeds or derg reminants) try to do so, believe be it will the matter of a couple of days to anihilate coward Amhara and their puppets and disintegrate this useless country for ever.

    • Hayelom…”invade Tigray so as to subjugate and embarance ( I think you meant embarrass) the people of Tigray”.. where did this come from? How did you go from catching criminals to invasion? You did not even stop there..”..:useless country”? You’re consumed by hate..and fear.

  10. Zeamanuel

    you must be one of the broods of Asaminew tsige , Abiy and Meaza, vipers and man-like repties.

    You donot be worried and advied us what we should do. What was the role of Amhara people and their elites during the red terror ? Don’t you kill enfants , pregnant women with knifes without mercy hoping to kill TPLF freedom fighters who freed you without discriminating Tigray from Amhara as much as the sun imparts its light for both criminals like and innocent kids !

    Bulshit man. You donot even give due credit for the one saved your life from barbaric derge , Mengistu Hailemariam and melaku tefera and his descendants.

    People like you demonize TPLF just because they donot like someone to lead them unless he has amharic blood., son of amhara.

    People who could possibly torture you are those who want to please and appease their masters and stay in power not Tegarus .

    I can tell you from my exprerience visting some cities and working in Tigray nobody tortured me. I am Tigraway but donot even speak and make a single phrase in Tigrigna . However, When I was living with Amaharas many of them were telling that they could hand , kill and burn Tigre if they could and find time and place convenient for them.

    Amharas as I told you before you are running out of resources, food etc and historical artifacts selling to westerners . You are bombasting here being relied on the resources you could steal from Oromo, biggest food producers and exporters, like Assela, nekemit , Bale, etc

    Amhara is known for metet, kererto , fukera tinkola , superstition, killing lizards, snakes and frogs and giving to their victims . Saddly you call all this satanic act wisdom.

  11. Why is the term “invading Tigray” Is used at all? Is that not calling the Ethiopians waging war against each other? now few of you are okay when criminal citizens are corrupting their fellow citizens and hide them selves and find sanctuary. So this sentiment makes you guilty of of crime causes you are giving a cover for red handed thieves . Stop politicizing unless you’re also sharing from it.

  12. your true personality is now popping up . You are taking side with neftegna amhara being full time online amhara militia. You are gainst tigray people

    pious cat like religious

  13. ኣንቱም ሃሳሳት፣ ናይዛ ሰበይቲ ዘረባ ንምትንታን ብቕዓት ዝሰኣንኩም ከመይ ገይርኩም ኣብ ፌስቡክ ብዛዕባ ዝተፅሓፈ ካብ ናታትኩም ብብዙሕ ማይል ዝበልፅ ንኽትነቕፉ ትብዓት ረኺብኩም? ቁሩብ ኣይትሓፍሩን? ኣየናይ ክልል እዩ ፎቲዩ ጎይታኹም ኣብይ ዝደልዮ ተኣሳራይ ኣሕሊፉ ዝሃበ? ኣይ ብወትሃደራዊ ምትእትታዋት እንድዩ ግዲ ዝሕዞም ዘሎ። ወይስ እቶም ኣግራድ ናይ ኣብይ ከም መራሕቲ ቆፂርኩም ኢኹም ዓይንኹም ተዓመቱ እሞ ክነዐሽወኩም እትብሉ ዘለኹም?

    እዚ ኮነ ኢለ እየ ብቋንቋይ ፂሂፈዮ። ቁሩብ ጂምናስቲክስ ስለዘድልየኩም። በሃማት


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