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Amhara Democratic Party organized memorial in Sheraton for slain leaders

Slain Amhara Democratic Party leaders are commemorated. Families of the victims to be given land in the capital Addis Ababa for construction of residential homes

Amhara Democratic Party _ memorial
An aspect of the memorial ceremony at Sheraton Addis. Photo credit : FBC

July 10, 2019

Addis Ababa Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) Committee and leaders, including chairman of the party – Demeke Mekonnen, organized on Wednesday a memorial event for three slain ADP leaders.

It was organized at the Sheraton Addis and was attended by the families of the victims, the leadership of ADP and other senior government officials 

The event was also meant for consoling family members of the victims.  ADP Addis Ababa committee has raised 5.4 million birr from members and supporters in Addis Ababa, and some organizations and the fund is donated to the families of the victims.

The fund was equally distributed to the families of three victims, according to a report by Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). 

Addis Ababa City Administration reportedly pledged land for the construction of a residential unit for the three families, as reported by FBC, but no detail is given regarding the size of the lot and the locality of the city.

Amhara regional state president, Ambachew Mekonnen, the region’s prosecutor, Migbaru kebede, and advisor of the region’s president, Ezez Wasse, were killed on June 22, in Bahir Dar City, in the office of the president while they were having a meeting.

The regional and Federal government claimed that it was an attempted coup d’etat.

In the same evening, three hours after the Bahir Dar incident, Chief of the Defense Force, General Seare Mekonnen, and his longtime friend, Maj. Gen.  Gezai Abera, were killed in the residence of the former in the capital Addis Ababa.

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  1. amhara be meblat metetat gizewun maselef yiwedal yamar bahil endeza new

    fukera teskar yamara teret tinkola kamara yeweresnachew nachew


  2. My family’s hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims? May the victims rest in eternal peace with The Lord!!!!

  3. Adding to my previous comment on the same issue, I would like to add the following opinion and suggestions.

    No verification is needed to find out that there are innocent millions who have been uprooted from their domiciles in various regions where they have lived for more than a generation. Such victims are from many ethnic groups imaginable. I had read stories of Amharas driven away from the villages they had lived for generations. I had also read stories of citizens of Tigre heritage who were chased out of various regions including from the Amhara region. To me every Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Afar, Oromo, Gedeo or any other ethnic group should have his rights protected by enforceable national laws to live anywhere he chooses as long as he/she is a law abiding citizen. Even if he/she is found guilty of a crime justice must be served in the court of law and no one has the right to ‘deport him/her to the region of his/her heritage. The eviction by mobs is illegal and the regime must return every one of them to their homes. Shame on you if you fail to accomplish that.

    Now this includes those Tigrayans who are brutally chased out of the Amhara region. The rulers of the Amhara region should come up with workable plan so these victims are returned to their homes. They also should guarantee their safety. No ifs or buts about that.

    Now the rulers of Tigray should also try to come to their senses and hand over all those former officials who are indicted of torturing and possibly murdering prisoners of conscience. You must be ashamed of yourself for sheltering such criminals. I heard that you have been giving some lame excuses for not doing just that. He is not here, we don’t know where is he is…. That is just a bunch of malarkey. You must be ashamed of this behavior. Also if what many folks are saying about you is true that you are fixated in cutting the string of unity from the rest of your brothers/sisters of the other regions, history has proved such an effort to be a destructive fiasco. Legends of a powerful empire from millennia ago are something to be proud of. I am proud of it also. Axum is the pride of the colored that existed and ruled over a territory more than 1,800 years ago. Some of you may have this day dream that it can be ‘lived’ again. But all I know and the rest of humanity knows is those who tried to pull such stunts were not so lucky and ended up swinging upside down in Piazzale Loreto. It ain’t gonna happen!!!

    As always this is my two cents of an opinion and suggestions.

  4. Dear Ittu Aba Farda, self-educated and selfmade political analyst

    are you advocating for Amahra elites , who paracticed teret,metet, tinkola , zerefa, sodomaite and other sorts of crimes and impersonal acts and put blame on Tigray and TPLF. Do you think amharas forgive Tigreans let alone TPLF who they believe killed 10 million amharas which doesn’t add up at all ?

    Tigray people donot expele Amharas , but amharas expelled , robbed , stonned tigray people as the whole world know via facebook, a giant social network which you cannot cover it up by any mischievous means.

    Amhara was expelled by other robbers and killers who want to consficate their land and properties as amahara want to get control of every tribe and disparage everyone calling them miniorities. Amhara was fighting with Oromo with Tigreans and others if you look what happened in many universities.

    Claims of amahra Pol. party are nonesense simply a complete fabrication.

    You seem to back up amhara since they outnumber other tribes and they are motormouthed . Amahra takes pleasure in belittling and vilifying people inluding church leaders who are nonamhara just for the sake of gaining power and money.

    Amahra makes himself comfortable using its outdated parables and sayings(tere-tate, kere-rito) to downgrade its counterpart .

    Amhara mashmutate sewun mabeshaket yawukebteal , bedemu new yalew le sidib yetefetere kebahir yewota ye 666 awure new ADP, a beast which came out of the sea and endowed with pile of insults and blasphemy.

    Amahra is hypocrite when it come to amahra religious approach and pretentious act .

    try not to meddle up to get an online fame and prestige while being biased in your political stance.

    Thank you for not persisting in your attack on TPLF and Tigray People, peaceful and respectful than ADP.


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