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Ethiopia’s Chief of Staff of the Defense forces “attacked”, says PM Abiy

Other sources in social media claim Chief of Staff Seare Mekonen is shot-dead. Ethiopians concerned about the crisis like situation in the country.

Chief of Staff  - General Seare Mekonnen_ Ethiopia
Chief of Staff General Seare Mekonen. Source : EBC

June 22, 2019

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared on the state broadcaster, Ethiopian Television, past midnight on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Dressed in military fatigues, he told Ethiopians that there “was an attempted coup d’etat” in Bahir Dar and attacks on the icons of Amhara people  while they were having a meeting.” He said that there have been fatalities.

Then he went on to tell Ethiopians that Chief of staff the Defense forces, Seare Mekonnen, was attacked on Saturday evening – apparently in the capital Addis Ababa.

He added that Seare was killed in connection with what he called “coup d’etat” in Bahir Dar. Seare was, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, was coordinating a mission in response to the situation in Bahir Dar.

The Prime Minister did not name as to who is behind the “attack” on Ethiopia’s Chief of Staff who was appointed to the position in June 2018 after Abiy Ahmed removed the former chief of staff, Samora Younis.

All he said was that “he was attacked by mercenaries who are close to him,”  leaving the identities parties who are said to be responsible for the attack rather blurry.  However, he said that the individuals involved in the attack are in custody. He also claimed that people responsible for the killing are just individuals and it is not the case of one ethnic group attacking the other.

And he pleaded to Ethiopians to refrain from buying into news  that not credible and wait for “verified information from the government.”

As well, Abiy Ahmed stated that he has been receiving assistance offers from neighboring countries and said that Ethiopia is at this point capable of dealing with the situation on its own.   

From his speech, Abiy Ahmed tends to see “the attack” as an effort to trigger the disintegration of Ethiopia and vowed that it will not succeed. He went on to call on the Defense Force to remain united and defend Ethiopia.

Information circulating on social media, however, claim that the Chief of Staff is shot dead. Also, it is also rumored that president of the Amhara region of Ethiopia, Ambachew Mekonen, is dead, and some of his colleagues who were reportedly sitting in a meeting with him were wounded.

It has also been clear from numerous social media posts that many politicized Ethiopians are not buying the alleged story of coup d’etat in Amhara region which is being linked to General Asamenew Tsige. “Why would Asamenew Tsige carry out a coup d’etat” is a question that political pundits on social media seem to question. The description “coup d’etat” itself is rejected as an inappropriate and growing number of Ethiopians in social media rather seem to be skeptical of the narrative that the Ethiopian government is projecting.

Meanwhile, authorities and notable figures in the Amhara region of Ethiopia are calling on activists and reporters to handle the developing story with care.

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  1. What a sad day! My family’s thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of this savage act. I have been talking about bigots running amok over there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have their savage hands in this. Coups are usually the works of haters and they don’t launch because they ‘love’ their country and people but rather due to the hate they have for the sitting rulers. That is why they end up being even worse rulers than the ones they overthrew. This is getting even more worrysome now.

  2. Ethiopia is falling apart. Ethnic tribes have been fighting each other since the beginning. Ethiopia is turning into yugoslavia. Regions will eventually separate due to the lake of federal government leadership. There are more displaced people due to ethnic conflict more than ever. People are being murdered just for speaking a different language. It’s truly sad what the nation has turned into. I can see the Tigray region separating first due to the massive hate and murders the innocent people have receiving recently. Aby Ahmed needs to take control of the country before it’s too late. He has been doing a horrible job as a prime minister.

  3. hi anquwan desalen tigirewoch telatochachin aleku

    dil be dil dil leamhara 3000 zemen tarikachin ke nebiyachin talaku meriyachin gar ethipya lezelalem tinur

    Amhara and Oromo bandinet ethipopian engenebalen
    tigrewoch tirig yibelu malete yigentelu kefelgu


  4. Why do I smell the old TPLF stink in this mess. There is no other organized power that can resist the government in such manner.

  5. This effort to get Ethiopia to the next level will be bloody because there are elements who lost power and wealth. Let’s stay together and build our country. Ethiopia is for Ethiopians. Focus on internal stability instead of regional stability. Let’s get our priority right. Prayers for our reseillance people.

  6. I wish every one of us here would rather have moments of sorrow and silence from hurling insults at each other for the sake of the human blood so senselessly shed. It is not only human blood but also our own blood from our own flesh. Our hearts should rather go heavy with the loss of dear countrymen and this should have been a moment to mourn their untimely death. Those countrymen were not shot dead hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at factories and commuter buses. They were gunned down while tending to the jobs their country hired them for. They were all family men who did not deserve this savage act. It is not in our legendary culture to hold a pissing contest when innocent children are being told their dads are not coming home tonight and their spouses are being told their worst nightmare is real!!! What happened there is a shameful day that none of us should be pleased about its outcome!!! It is a low down dirty shame and none of us should celebrate the demise of anyone of the victims.

    • Farda, I totally agree with you. This is a ‘shameful’ act and un-Ethiopian. Acts such as this, emanates from the minds of losers and impoverished individuals. They’re inferior human beings, incapable using their heads to reason and challenge to win.

      Whether they rob banks or commit a horrific act of killings of unsuspecting and innocent Ethiopians, they’re intellectual and material poor. They also suffer from lack of faith.

      • Dear Melaku Teshome:

        Our Creator’s Blessings to You & Your Family!!!

        Such senseless act, to me, is a result of the poisonous diatribes of reckless individuals who claim that ‘their’ group of people is the only one that has been subjected to ‘untold’ oppression and misrule. They tell the gullible and the easily aroused citizens that their ethnic group has been targeted for extermination and genocide. To them the farmer and city dweller in their group is the only poor citizen when the rest in the ‘other’ groups are so rich they feed themselves choice filet mignon every night. They don’t tell him/her exactly like that but their toxic and bigoted diatribe has been creating that kind of allusion on the minds of those who lack the sophistication or the emotional stability to look through it all. And such easily incited individuals are usually the deadliest ones everywhere.

        In the meantime, it has kept me wondering how in the dickens such high profile officials were found to be such easy targets given the charged up atmosphere over there. How? As they say, that dog don’t hunt for me here! It shows the security apparatus is somewhat compromised. It is the fastest growing economy and I hope it is not the fastest deteriorating country when it comes protecting its officials and citizens. I hope this will not emboldened similar brutes in other regions who may have been lying low and waiting for the opportune time. The whole incidence just makes me sad and sick at the same time.

        May Our Creator Save Our People and The Old Country!!!!

  7. Ittu Aba Farda

    if what you tell us is from your heart . You are incredibly nice guy. But, most amhara are happy because Tigre is dead perhaps those who belong to Asaminewe tsige are extremeny happy. It is about money and power not even about tribalism for some

    • Dear Countryman abera:

      Our Creator’s Blessings to You & Your Family!!!

      I don’t take the death of human beings so such lightly. I just read news that the alleged ringleader is also dead now but I don’t jump up and down dancing in joy at his demise either. To me he is my other blood and flesh whose Allah intricately created life was lost so senselessly.

      The death of all these countrymen will not help the effort to put a slice of bread on the table for the malnourished children of that poor Amhara or Oromo or another farmer including those in every region. What it ends up doing is impeding all the noble effort to make that possible. We should never harbor any hatred toward others just because they are Amhara, Oromo, Tigre or any other ethnic group. It is a sin in both religions we are all proud to profess. You see, mankind has no justifications to hate every German because of what happened during the years 1932-1945. We Ethiopians should not have any justifications to hate every Italian for what the fascists did in the 1930’s. We were the only magnanimous people who let soldiers of their tormentors stay and help build/rebuild the country.

      Raw emotion did not get the best of those well armed freedom fighters. Every time they show signs of violence to the defeated invaders the level head Emperor and their leaders told them no. This was all told in the classic documentary produced by CBS with those legendary anchormen like Walter Cronkite telling the world all about it. Wholesale hatred has never been the cure for our nagging ills but the curse that helped perpetuated them.

      I have my own very, very sad experience that took place when I was young. One of my beloved cousins on my mother’s side was killed by marauding Afar elements during one of their cattle rustling raids and another one was killed by similar elements from the Issa clan. Are you telling me that I should hate every Afar and Issa because what few brutes among them did to my kin and kit? No, that would not be right but an outright bigotry on my part. Some brutes from my own Itu clan had done the same thing in retaliation in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Then should every Afar and Issa hate me for that? No!!!! I am very proud to have Afars, Issas, Amharas, Tigre’s, Eritreans, Chinese, Taiwanese and many others who I call dear friends. First I see them as human beings just like me, then the other attributes will follow if necessary.

      As always this is just my two cents worth of an opinion and never intended to lecture.


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