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NaMA spokesperson Christian Tadele released, says BBC report

Christian Tadele _ NaMA spokesperson
Christian Tadele, NaMA spokesperson

June 29, 2019

Spokesperson of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), Christian Tadele, is released from police custody, according to a report by BBC Amharic Service on Saturday. 

He was arrested on Friday in Sekela district of  West Gojjam, North Western Ethiopia. He went to follow up the case of NaMA member who was arrested by the local authorities. 

BBC Amharic quotes Christain as saying that local police took him out of public transport and told him that he is “wanted” and was ordered to board in an ambulance which he resisted, according to the report. 

Then the police changed mind and agreed to take him in public transport, added the report. 

Regarding why he was arrested, he said police told him that he was not cooperative during searches at checkpoints and that their (the spokesperson and two other colleagues) presence in the area could lead to instability, as reported by BBC Amharic. 

He also told the BBC that two district level and one region level leadership are still in custody. 

Amhara regional state disclosed this week that it has detained more than 300 individuals in connection with the alleged coup d’etat on January 22, 2019. 

NaMA has disclosed this week that dozens of its members are arrested in different parts of the country.

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  1. What was the probable cause that led to the arrest of this countryman? Was it because that he is a member of a political group? Or was it because of what he might have said recently or in the past? Or was it because he had or ‘might’ have had conversation on the phone or in person with those linked to the violence? For me none of these should land anyone in prison. He can and should be paid a visit by the FBI of that country at his home and asked to explain whatever needs answers. To me his human rights are violated and should take the regime to court. Also the attorney general and Meaza bint Ashenafi should look into this possible violation of citizens’ right and rein in rogue investigators in their department. I heard that there have been summary imprisonments of citizens following this unfortunate and shameful bloodshed because they belong to a political group. We never learn when it comes to heavy handedness, do we? The problem of such mass arrest is that it will start a thread of rampant accusations and speculations and it will go on and on until it reaches to a point of unraveling the very fabric of the society that have kept the country together for generations. Every one of these citizens who were arrested and then released should take the region, their law enforcement offices and the regime itself to court and sue for every red cent they have. I would like to hear what the attorney general and bint Ashenafe do/say about this gross violations of citizens’ rights. Sir/Madam! This is the time to shine or irreparably luster!!!

    • Good suggestion. They should challenge the low enforcement agencies in court. This is how all dictatorial practices start. The police will learn to respect people’s right when they have to pay for following illegal instructions by their superiors.

  2. What do you mean bethelhem? Justice is the only. Justice for one is justice for all. Regardless of all the evils, we need justice and just.


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