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Abiy : If there is domination of ethnic Oromo in gov’t positions, I will resign in 24 hrs

Abiy Ahmed, along with Demeke Mekonen and Ambachew Mekonen, was in Dessie on Saturday. He held discussion with residents in the historic 19th century Niguse Michael’s Gibet Bet ( Banquet Hall).

Residents raised numerous questions including domination of ethnic Oromo in the Federal government positions.

With regard to domination of ethnic Oromos in government positions, Abiy said “It is not true, not even one percent. If that is true, I will resign within 24 hours.” Watch the video below (Amharic).

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Video: EBC
Cover photo : screenshot from video



  1. is he making fun of residents of Wollo ? Politicians like him will prefer to endanger their subjects to resignation.

  2. Habtamu you are an extreme supercilious Amhara.

    Do you remember what amhara was doing to Tigray , Oromo and other tribes in their own country: killing many innocent people, red terror was conducted by Amhara dictators. You donot want to talk about what Menilik , Hailesilassse , fasilides, Zerayocob and others.

    All these dictators were killing people in Gondar, Shoa and other provinces. They left no stone unturned in destroying historical accounts. People were forced to pay for the bullet while they were asking Derge to bury their savagely murdered relatives. People who dressed in Tigrean clothing style were treated as spies by derge and other kiss up and kiss down amhara tribe members.

    Amahra still continues tattling , as a tattle tale, to Woyane politicians to imprison and torture innocent people who were believed to be a threat to authorities and their political ideology.

    Amhara is despotic ruler who suppress Oromo language. Ethiopia is the only country where a language of minorities , Amharic ,gain the upper hand and acknowledeged as official language nation wide .It is Woyane who permitted nations and nationalities to study in their own languages.

    If you study the official language of african countries, you will find out that the official language belongs to a tribe outnumbering others;

    However, Amhara used to spread its propaganda tarnishing woyane and Tigreans as the only minority who suppress the minority . It is not reasonable to say that minorities should not take part in the fate of their country let alone holding power. Do you guys believe that one party or gender should take lead in the arena of politics and adminstration. Does an excellence in quantity justify an experties to adminster a country ?
    I remember what we have been taught during the Amhara ruling party about the history of Amahra , overlooking the history and tradition of Oromo. Amhara dstroyed geez and replaced himself to be the official langauge . Amhara people also fashioned fake story to draw tourists to their land.

    Have you been thinking and outcrying against the previous PM who is not Amhara ?
    Amhara killed many Tigrean heroes riding tractor and tank on them alive. These henious crime is not going to be narrated rather destroyed by amhara! All these heroes are my relatives !It might seem funny for Amahra , bloody idiots!

    Dear Amhara, What is your problem with Tigreans ?

  3. There is indeed domination of ethnic Oromo. The key positions in Federal government and other key governmental agencies, even within banks , EAL , embassy workers…. are being dominated by OPDO ( ODP) .

    Not only that the Oromos are repeating the same monopolizing and stealing tactic of TPLF but they are making sure history is repeating itself , Ethiopia is re living 1992 allover again with different actors doing the samething right now .

    1.. TPLF wants to be independent as EPLF did in 1992. TPLF now is the 1992 EPLF .

    2. ODP ( OPDO) is planting the seed right now , just as TPLF did plant it’s seed in 1992 ways of trying to solely dominate the Ethiopian politics and the Ethiopian economy forever. ODP( OPDO) is the TPLF of 1992.

    3. The now Eritrea is the Somalia of 1992 with refugees flooding into neighboring countries.

    4. In 1992 many older generation people of Ethiopia put down their guard by being fed false hope from Meles Zenawi. Now many older generation of Ethiopia are putting down their guards believing the false hope Abiy Ahmed is feeding them.

    just as the older generation of 1992 being the reason why Ethiopia fell victim for the Meles Zenawi’s false hope now Ethiopia is being victimized with same kind of false hope that were fed in 1992 resulting in older generation people of Ethiopia putting down their guards, only in the coming decades for after 1992 Meles Zenawi to end up doing the opposite of what he preached in 1992 , case in point we see right now Abiy Ahmed saying one thing and doing another thing

    5. Now the new young generation of people of Ethiopia are armed illegally just like the young generation in the 1992 was illegally armed.

    6. Addis Ababa’s people are being harrassed by pro Abiy Oromo’s to bring domination of Addiis Ababa just as the Addis Ababa residents were harrassed by pro Meles Zenawi’s in 1992 inorder to create space to bring high number of Tigres into Addis Absba

    If these continues soon we will see
    1. Demeke Mekonnen being thrown in jail as Tamrat Layne was thrown in jail on the basis of his ethnicity .
    2. Eskinder Nega will be thrown in jail then murdered just as Professor Asrat Woldeyes was murdered.
    3. Many publicly owned organizations will be sold by corrupt Oromos as it was done by TPLF
    4. Ethiopia and Tigrai will fight war over border dispute in places claimed by both such as Afar Raya Wolqait…just as the Bar war

    5. Eritrea will go in religious civil war joining Lybia, Syria and Yemen in religious civil wars.

    • “There is indeed domination of ethnic Oromo. The key positions in Federal government and other key governmental agencies, even within banks , EAL , embassy workers…. are being dominated by OPDO ( ODP)…”.

      So what my friend? Are you basing your comment on some empirical evidence?

      If that is the case, the question should be are they doing their job? Why should that matter, as long as they’re doing their job.

      Such chatter does nothing other than stalling efforts to progress right at the start…

      • Federal government and other key governmental agencies, even within banks , EAL , embassy workers…. are being dominated by OPDO ( ODP) who made Ethiopia a failed because they are not doing their job.

  4. Yes.. Indeed.. Also, one fact is the people or Eritrea and Tigray are not native Abyssinia they are Hituis Yemenes…Such crulity and Evil has been done by then to Amhara because they are the cursed race..no honor not Ethinc..but Evil deed..
    Eritrea independent was a fraud , Thank ton Butrus Butrus Gali of US secretory of Egyptian orgn and Saddam Hussen and few Western countries that have evil intent against Abyssinian race ,their heroic position in histotory and in human life and human law .
    how could a Provence get independent with out paying it is obligation over $100 billion..
    And the TPLF new state of Tigray owes Ethiopia over $300 billion..both Houthi Yemenes race called Eretrian and Tigrean will pay their due in time for the evil deed they have done .

  5. All facts are adreseed well ,but unfortunately no one see your facts nor prepare for the future as the great Amhara intellectual, heroic sons and the Nobles of the Great nation of Abyssinia were exterminated strategically by these two evils of Yemenes origin Houthi EPDRF and TPLF .i am sure the DNA test will prove that .the Eritrians and the Tigranes are not native to Abyssinia and their modified culture nor their Ethics , i.e the ethics of human Ife, value has been always to thieft and conspiracy..you can not change evil DNA..now the new master of barbarian and cruel race of Hutu of Rwanda race..
    We have to educate our kids such facts and put them advance military science college here in Russia , and other friends of Abyssinia..

  6. The stupidity of this people…questioning the PM and his ethnicity dominating government. Very very, very sad. It shouldn’t come to this, but I guess this is what is expected from weak and faithless individual. May God punish them those who wrong the PM.

  7. You guys who are saying there is one ethnic dominance in our country are going to be mad. Thus keep shouting and let the PM works for the development of these poor country. Don’t want to repeat the previous “only Amhara’s” administration.

  8. ፖሊስ ስራውን መስራት ስላልቻለ ደሃው ሰርቶ መብላት አይችልም። እዚህ አገር “ክልከላ” ተቃዋሚ ከመሆኑ የተነሳ መንገድ ላይ እየዴዳችሁ እራሱ አካባቢው ጭር ካለ ‘ማለፍ ክልክል ይሆን እንዴ?’ ብላችሁ እራሳችሁን ትጠይቃላችሁ፤ ፈተና ተሰረቀ ወይም ሊሰረቅ የችላል ተብለህ ኢንተርኔት ትከላከላለህ፤ የሚያመጣው ጉዳትና ክስረት ማንም ማሰብ አየፈልግም።

    አሁን ደግሞ ከተማው ላይ ወንጀል ስለበዛ የከተማው አስተዳደርና ፖሊስ ባደረጉት ጥናት ሞተር ሳይክልን ከተማው ውስጥ እንዳይነዱ መከልከል መፍትሄ ሆኖ አግኝተውታል። ሌላ ክልከላ።

    ከሰኔ 30 ጀምሮ ከተማው ውስጥ ከፖስታ አድራሽ እና ከኤንባሲ ሞተሮች ጀምሮ ምንም አይነት ሞተር ዝር አይልም ማለት ነው። ይህ ውሳኔ የትናንሽ ቢዝነሾችን እንቅስቃሴ በጣም ይጎዳዋል። ፖሊስ ስራውን መስራት ስላልቻለ ደሃው ሰርቶ መብላት አይችልም።

    ስለክልከላ ሲነሳ ከሚያዝናኑኝ የእስር ቤት ክልከላዎች ጀባ ልበላችሁ። አንደኛው በ2004ዓ.ም ቃሊቲ ማረሚያ ቤት ርዮት አለሙን ለመጠየቅ ከጓደኞቼ ጋር በሄድንበት ጊዜ ግንቡ ላይ የማረሚያ ቤቱ ማህተብ ያረፈበት ማስታወቂያ ተለጥፎ አየን። “ጥሬ ካሮትና ሙዝ ሴቶች ማረሚያ ቤት ማስገባት ክልክል ነው” ይላል። ሳቄ ነበር የመጣብኝ። ገና ለገና ግለ ወሲብ ለመፈፅም ሊጠቀሙበት ይችላሉ ተብሎ ከሙዝና ከካሮት የሚያገኙት ቫይታሚን ከለከሏቸው። የተረገሙ

    የዛ ጊዜ አፈና ደግሞ ሴጋም ይከለክላል ወያኔ እኮ መአተኛ ነች፤ ይሄ ለውጥ ባይመጣ ኖሮ ሙዝና ካሮት እንደተከለከለ ይቀራል፤ ብለትም ስራ ይፈታ ነበር

    እኔ በነበርኩበት ቅሊንጦ ማረሚያቤት ፖሊሶች በእስረኞች ላይ ድንገተኛ ፍተሻ እድርገው በአቮካዶ ልጣጭ ውስጥ ሞባይል ተገኘ፤ ለዚህም እንደጥፋተኛ የተቆጠረው የፈረደበት ፍራፍሬ እንዳይገባ ተከለከለ።

    አንዴ ደግሞ የማረሚያ ቤቱ እንጀራ ሳይበላ እየተደፋ ነው ብለው ከቤተሰብ የሚመጣ እንጀራ እንዳይገባ ከለከሉ። ቢቢሲና አልጀዚራ እያዩ ነው ብለው ዲሽ እንዳይታይ ከለከሉ፤ የዚህ ደግሞ የሚገርመው ዲኮደሩ ፖሊሶቹ እራሳቸው ጋር እንደሆነ እያወቁ ነው፣ እነሱ የሚከፍቱልልን እያየን ነው ክልከላውን ያፀደቁት። ተናቦ መስራት እንደዚህ ነው

    መጨረሻ ላየ ሁሉንም ነገር ከላክለው ሌላ የሚከለከል ነገር ሲያስቡ እነ ሀጎስ አንድ ነገር ብልጭ አለላቸው። “አተት ማረሚያ ቤት ውስጥ ገብቷል” ብለው ከቤተሰብ የሚመጣ ማንኛውም አይነት ምግብ እንዳየገባ ከለከከሉ። በክልከላው የተማረረው እስረኛ በነጋታው ማረሚያ ቤቱን በእሳት አጋየው። ከዛ የሆነው ሁሉ
    የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ ጠባቂ በደብረዘይት ባልታወቀ ምክንያት ተገድሎ ተገኘ ተባለ
    ከስደት ከተመለሰ በኋላ ቻይና በመሄድ ተጨማሪ ስልጠና ወስዶ የጠቅላይ ሚንስትር ታማኝ ጠባቂ ሆኖ በማገልገል ላይ እንደነበረ ነው እስከ አሁን ባላወቅኩት ምክንያት ተገድሎ ተገኘ ነው የተባለው። አዲሱ አለሙ ይባላል በትላንትናው እለት ባልታወቀ ምክንያት በደብረዘይት ተገድሎ መገኘቱን ስሰማ l


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