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New Ethiopian Music : Tsegaye Eshetu, Sileshi Demissie – Min Honenal

June 12, 2019

Ethiopia’s political situation has become worrisome for Ethiopians. Ethic politics that the ruling party has been nurturing for the past 27 years as an ultimate form of “freedom” is now proved to be a recipe for disaster in the country.

Ethnic violence has now become a common experience in Ethiopia and all parts of the country have experienced it. Over three million people have been internally displaced for the because of ethnic violence. Worse, University grounds essentially in all parts of Ethiopia have become ethnic violence scenes.

New Ethiopian Music by Tsegaye Eshetu and Shileshi Demissie reflect on the political situation in the country. “Min honenal?” which translates to what happened to us laments the situation in the country.

The song was uploaded on YouTube on Monday this week. How do you like it? leave a comment below.

Video : Embedded from Hope Entertainment YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from video
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