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Two prominent Ethiopian Musicians question : What happened to Ethiopia?

May 30, 2019

For Ethiopians who are clear enough about the situation in Ethiopia, the matter is worrisome. Some fear that the genocide nightmare of that happened in Rwanda well over two decades ago could happen in Ethiopia too. Others seem to see an endless war between different ethnic groups.

Recent security challenges in the country and ethnic-based violence which led to internal displacement of over 3,000,000 Ethiopians in different parts of the country ( and government is now claiming that 1,000,000 have returned back to their places), does seem to suggest that the future of Ethiopia is not bright unless some serious measures are taken to arrest the cause of the political problem and restore the social values and harmony of Ethiopians.

Concerned Ethiopians are indeed contemplating what to do about it. Seleshi Demissie and Tsegaye Eshetu, notable personalities in the Ethiopian Music industry, are planning to launch a new work. They question : What happened to us? What happened to Ethiopia? Take a listen to their interview with Comedian Dereje Haile on Tibeb Befana show below (Amharic)

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  1. Keep up the warmongering articles we will see where it will lead to.

    So tell us what do you think the solution is ?

    Do you want the woyane back?

    Woyane was bad for the country economically but socially and culturally they were okay.

    The Amhara dynasty was very bad at both.

    I would rather have tigrayan people at any time compared to what the Amharas put the country through.
    My opinion.

    Buy the way who cares what the bloody musician think.


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