“No way to make Assab part of Ethiopia,” says a legal scholar

June 1,2029

Dereje Zeleke, a legal scholar at Addis Ababa University, says there is no way to make Assab part of Ethiopia.

It seems that he tend to see propensity to mobilize Ethiopians on the issue of Assab as a plot. He rather sees the vulnerabilities of Ethiopia in other areas. Watch the brief interview he had with Andafta Media.

Video : from Andafta Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : Screenshot from video

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3 Responses to "“No way to make Assab part of Ethiopia,” says a legal scholar"

  1. Michael   June 4, 2019 at 1:05 am

    You sound excesively pessimistic,and you actually live in a darkness.very negative. All your intelligence is destruction. You finished your dogma without seeing alittel bim of a light.
    Democracy is to compromise even with people like you. People may listen to you just to shake their heads. Your mind is sick of cancer. God help you.

  2. W Gebeyehu   June 5, 2019 at 8:00 am

    I disagree with Michael’s comments. I think the doctor speaks very powerfully about his own legal views on the qurstion of Assab anf its possible futurewith ethiopia. But i dont agree with the doctor on two issues. He states that what Meles said about Assab has a legal status under international law. What about what Haile Selassie said about Assab being Ethiopias gate to the sea. Does that have the same status? For that matter Menelik and Mengistu said similar things. If Dr Abiy restated what Haile Sellasie said before does it cancel what Meles said? Secondly Dr Dereje blames only the messenger, even if it was a poisonous one, for the tragedy of ethiopian nationhood: TPLF! Thr US government, under the leadership of Henry Kissinger, then head of the NSA, decided that US national interest in the middle east and HOA required ethiopia to be kept busy dealing with ethnic and religious issues and away from secular national politics and nationhood based on citizenship. That was 1972, 2 years before the yekatit revolution. In 1975, after 3 years of searching, the US discovered the TPLF, then a small band of young narrow nationalists, trying to split Tigray, and determined to destroy, the EPRP, then based on citizenship politics. The US convinced them to take the whole country instead and poured billions into their organisation. The job was finishef by President Carter after he instructed Norman Cohen to setup a london confetence in 1991 which setup a new constitution with Ethnic Kilel’s at its centre as a price for transferring power to TPLF. After the Arab Spring, the US fell out with the TPLF over how to put pressure on MorSi to achieve regime change for a more pro Israel government instead of the hostile moslem brotherhood. The TPLF foolishly decided to stop the Nile Dam after the US convinced AL Sissi to intervene to get rid of Morsi. It decided that the OLF/ONDM is a better horse to ride than the TPLF and decided to fund the Queerro through the National Endowment for Democracy. Dr Dereje ignores these fundamental facts that still remain as the big elephant in the room and why ethiopia will remain busy forever dealing with ethnic forces until we decide to run our own country instead of letting the US do it for us. He is right about the fact that the country doesn’t even have an army that is based on the needs of the whole country that could intervene to fix the US given constitution into an ethiopian constitution. The needs of a world power like the US are so paramount that it would watch as millions are displaced and thousands killed in ethiopia and pretend it has nothing to do with it. Its diplomats would speak with forked tangues and even condemn such attrocities while fanning the flames behind the scene.

  3. W gebeyehu   June 5, 2019 at 11:57 am

    Correction: it should say that theTPLF foolishly refused to stop the Nile Dam.


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