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Oromo Regional State Opposes transfer of condos,vows to ensure Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa

In what seems to be rather a statement from the radical Oromo ethno-nationalists, Oromo Democratic Party which governs the region, vows that Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa is ensured

March 7,2019

Oromo regional state is opposing the transfer of well over 51,000 housing units to residents, the draw ceremony took place yesterday, of Addis Ababa, according to a report by FanaBC which cited statement sent to it from Oromia Regional State.

The condominiums have been under construction for many years now after government reportedly paid out compensation to farmers who gave up lands for the development of the condos in Koye Fechu area in the outskirts of Addis Ababa which many call an African capital by virtue of the fact that the continental organization OAU is in the city, among other things.

The regional state, in essence Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) for it is running the region, wants the city administration not to implement transfer of the Condos – apparently to residents of Addis Ababa who have been on the waiting list and saving for for years.

Boundary issue between Oromo regional state and Addis Ababa City administration need to be straighten out first, the regional state asserted authoritatively.

Until then, says the statement from the regional state, “It is not right to transfer condominiums built within the border of the region [Oromia] to beneficiaries”

Its stand on the matter is informed by the need to ensure that people, a reference to ethnic Oromo in this case, is beneficiary , not out of a conviction of “hate for nations and nationalities values of living together,” says the the statement in an apologetic tone.

Furthermore, the ethnic Oromo party, whose leaders are now dominating most of the Federal Government institutions, claims that t Addis Ababa and other issues related to it were shelved to be resolved in the order of importance based on consensus reached during “tehadso,” but it did not spell out as to which entities were parties to the “consensus.”

The regional state believes that works in Addis Ababa and its surroundings should not be carried out without the recognition of the region’s people and the regional government.

The statement is also vowed that it will continue to ensure Oromo ownership of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

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  1. I think the mayor of Addis made a wise decision when he decided to give half the houses to the families of the displaced. But this new development seem to have a strange message that non oromos are not allowed to live there. How many years was the building in progress? Why didn’t the administration stop it?
    I have always complained about the process many farmers are displaced around towns all over Ethiopia. But the present leaders seem to have the right answer when they say people displaced should not be moved but should Owen part of the building. I wish Ato Lema could clarify the statement before those opposing the change in our country use it to undermine his good influence all over Ethiopia

  2. the remark is offered az result of inner strife between the parties who claim to represent the national ambition of oromia.

  3. No Amhara or Tigre asked the Oromos to move out of ‘their land’ when they immigrated during the 15th century.

    We should not forget the current Oromia was built on the lands of Shewa, Amhara, and Tigray. They migrated north from the areas of Sidama and Borena. The Oromo leaders should accept that fact!

  4. This is pathetic! This is the biginning of gruesome consequences of ethnic politics. There will not be a winner in this ugly, backward ethnic politics. Mark my words, many people will die and be displaced as a result of ethnic conflicts, and the elits will regret it badly. And there will not be a winner in ethnic conflict. As a result of the unrest due to ethnic hatred and greed, it is the youth who loses first, not the so-called elit! The solution is to respect rule of law. Let the judiciary settle the issue NOT the youth or activists or politicians!!! Lets please come to our senses before it is too late.


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