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Condominium transfers to people not in the waiting list trigger further skepticism

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Photo : Addis Ababa City Mayor office

March 6,2019

Addis Ababa City administration transferred on Wednesday 51,229 housing units to residents through a draw.

However, something controversial emerged in the process.

Acting mayor of the city, Takele Uma Benti, decided to transfer 50 percent of the housing units to “farmers and their children whose land was appropriated for development.”

“Cabinet of the city administration and Housing Administration Board decided to provide farmers and their children with a house without a draw,” FanaBC cited the mayor as saying.

The mayor also unveiled that there is plan to tailor housing development to farming communities.

The decision to pass 50 percent of completed condominiums to farming communities, who are said to be compensated for giving up land for development, pushing side residents of Addis Ababa who have been on a waiting list for well over a decade, has caused skepticism among residents.

And it is linked to a conspiracy to alter the demography of Addis Ababa in a way to make ethnic Oromo majority in the city and its outskirts.

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  1. I am an Amhara but have always thought opdo has betrayed our Oromo people when it comes to Addis Abeba land. People who complain about the mayors decision should Ask themselves “ arn’t this people whose land was taken for development residents of Addis” . I say it is the first fair decision by the city. The only thing that makes this action criminal is if they give priority to oromos coming from the other parts of our country .


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