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A court in the Hague ruled Teff flour patent dispute in favor of Ethiopia

Teff flour is produced in a customary process and not eligible for patent right said the court ruling

Teff _ Patent_Ethiopia
photo credit : EBC

February 6,2019

A court in the Hague ruled Teff flour patent right in favor of Ethiopia, former Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister tweeted earlier today. He has been closely following the matter. It means that Ethiopia’s ownership right over Teff is now recognized.

Health and Performance Food International, a Dutch Company has been claiming patent right over teff for several years.The company had also obtained patent right in Italy, Belgium, Austria and England.

The company bought the ownership right from another company who had a deal to work with Ethiopia but went bankrupt, according to a report by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation(EBC).

The court ruling says that there is no patent right over Teff flour for it is a product of customary preparation.

Fitsum Arega, former Investment Commissioner who is recently appointed as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the United States, says that social media campaign on Teff patent was essential to restore Ethiopia’s ownership right.

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