Ethiopia reportedly launched airstrike on Militant Oromo training facilities

Ethipoia -Air force
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January 13,2019

Ethiopian National Defense Force reportedly launched on Sunday morning an airstrike on military training camp run by a radical militant faction of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) which Dawu Ibsa leads.

Addis Standard, Addis Ababa based private news portal, cited what it called sources in the military to report that the airstrike is in Qellem Wollega and surrounding regions in Western Ethiopia.

Social Media sources have also reported areas like Buri Kebe, Horo, Nora Dengora and Lalo (all in Wollega region) where the armed group operates have been targeted in the airstrike.

The airstrike target in the above-mentioned area is Oromo Liberation Front militant faction which is also called Shane Group (OLF-SG).

State owned and affiliated media outlets have not reported about the airstrike so far.

As reported by borkena in the past, leader the militant group commanding the rebel army from his office in Addis Ababa (and it is the government that has provided the office.) And Ethiopians are now increasingly bewildered as to why the leader of the militant group is not facing justice.

The airstrike came a day after armed group who claimed to be a member of that OLF militant faction robbed government owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and the Cooperative Bank of Oromia yesterday in the same region. 12 employees of the banks including, two branch managers, are reportedly taken hostage after the robbery.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, Gen. Berhanu Jula, appeared in the parliament last week, to present Defense report, and told parliamentarians that the problem posed by the militant group in Wollega, Western Ethiopia is reversed, and government structures are functioning again.

The militant group has been accusing government that it has failed to implement agreements they reached, apparently in Eritrea, before the armed group returned to the country in mid September.

Government on its part says that it does not have any special agreement with the group. Government wants the militant faction to disarm, respect the law of the land and embark on peaceful political struggle like the rest of the opposition groups in the country.

Government openly admitted that appeasement policy toward the militant group in the past six or so months did not bring about a positive response although hundreds of civilians and government officials were killed and thousands of people displaced from the region.
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