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Tigray authorities reportedly arrested Amdom Gebreselassie

Amdom Gebreselassie_ Tigray _ Ethiopia
Amdom Gebreselassie as he was speaking out against TPLF during a forum in Mekelle University.
Photo : Screesn shot DW Television
Source : SM

Arena Tigray opposition party public relation head, Andom Gebreselassie, is arrested today according to a report by US based Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT).

The report added that he was detained near Aksum Hotel in Mekelle, seat of Tigray regional state, on alleged grounds that he committed a physical assault although the identity nor the circumstances under which and when he assaulted the victim remain unclear.

ESAT cited its sources in Mekelle to report that he is currently arrested in Addishndih.

Amdom was in the limelight this week among Ethiopians in the cyber world after he blamed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders, for what they did to Ethiopians in the last 27 years, during a forum organized at Mekelle University.

A video showing TPLF top leaders, including Sebhat Nega and Getachew Reda, heckling Amdom as he as expresses his view during a question and answer period, where Bereket Simon presented paper, was circulating in social media this weekend.

Ethiopian facebookers and activits alike praised Amdom for the courage he showed to calmly express in spite of coordinated move by TPLF leaders to stop him by mounting a devious applause.

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