Tigray staged another huge protest rally in Mekelle

Tigray Protest _ Mekelle
The protest in Mekelle
Photo : EBC

December 8,2018
Updated on December 9,2018

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) staged a huge rally in the regional capital Mekelle today. This is for the second time in less than two weeks time.

Debretison Gebremichael, chairman of TPLF and president of the regional state, addressed the crowd gathered at Mekelle Stadium.

“The People of Tigray contributed its part to rescue a country [Ethiopia] that was disintegrating and make it democratic ruled by constitution” Debretsion is cited as saying the state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation ( EBC).

He also called on, seemingly the Federal government, to respect the constitution and people’s voice.

Some demonstrators held placard that read “Respect the constitution,” “Stop ethnic-based attacks,” and “rule of law and equality before the law”, among other things.

Arrest of former government officials who happened to be from Tigray region on alleged grounds of embezzlement of the country’s resources and human rights violations, among other things, is apparently the reason that makes former TPLF think that the constitution is violated.

Activists and TPLF elites alike do seem to have hostility towards the ongoing changes in the country and are creating the perception in the region that some of the reform measures in the country are meant to “kneel Tigray down.” And their mobilization for the secession of Tigray is well under way.

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