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Tigray staged another huge protest rally in Mekelle

Tigray Protest _ Mekelle
The protest in Mekelle
Photo : EBC

December 8,2018
Updated on December 9,2018

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) staged a huge rally in the regional capital Mekelle today. This is for the second time in less than two weeks time.

Debretison Gebremichael, chairman of TPLF and president of the regional state, addressed the crowd gathered at Mekelle Stadium.

“The People of Tigray contributed its part to rescue a country [Ethiopia] that was disintegrating and make it democratic ruled by constitution” Debretsion is cited as saying the state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation ( EBC).

He also called on, seemingly the Federal government, to respect the constitution and people’s voice.

Some demonstrators held placard that read “Respect the constitution,” “Stop ethnic-based attacks,” and “rule of law and equality before the law”, among other things.

Arrest of former government officials who happened to be from Tigray region on alleged grounds of embezzlement of the country’s resources and human rights violations, among other things, is apparently the reason that makes former TPLF think that the constitution is violated.

Activists and TPLF elites alike do seem to have hostility towards the ongoing changes in the country and are creating the perception in the region that some of the reform measures in the country are meant to “kneel Tigray down.” And their mobilization for the secession of Tigray is well under way.

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  1. Subject: Quote Tigray staged another huge protest rally in Mekelle” Unquote

    The above is the title of the Article And the conclusion goes like this >>> ” mobilization for the secession of Tigray is well under way”. THE END OF THE STORY.

    If that turns into reality, others will also follow, with the possibility of the DISINTEGRATION of Ethiopia.into pieces.

    Humble Question: Who benefits from such disintegration?

  2. “Arrest of former government officials who happened to be from Tigray region on alleged grounds of embezzlement of the countries resources and human rights violations, among other things, is apparently the reason that makes former TPLF think that the constitution is violated.”

    The above is a very biased and poor reporting which helps to hasten the disintegration of Ethiopia.

  3. Tplf one’s our Eprdf’s ,,, sprits of worship,,, ::: with worshiping, spirits tigray is the peoples of Great Ethiopia , that sacrifices HIMSELF’S not equivalent to bibles Christ rather greater than Christ,, by respecting tplf ‘s sacriers , with respecting tigrays people’s,,, $$ by keeping and hopping tplfs that’s the roots of worship ,EPRDF ,, red bloods of ,, that’s greats of red stars of eheadeg…!!?!? Long live eaheadeg the roots of EPRDF’s tplfs of the respected tigrayn people’s 0!?!?! No sussecetion , no asasnation;! Long live the respected and minded people’s of Ethiopia,,, !!! The past sacrifiyer and maker of ethiopianizm!?!?! Thanks to tigrayn people’s of disabled with past wars ,, thanks to dead with past wars , after war!?!?! But I am with you ,, !;? Always love you eprdf ,, bleive and worship tplf tigrayn people’s , eprdf wish you even to govern , even to lead ,, to worship you forever for me through all my life time for my country ethio for centuries , milliniums, !!?!?; there was no paid scarifications ,, other than tigrayn people’s,,and there will not be ,, or will equivalent to tigrayn people’s past sacrifiers for the building and peaceful country of Ethiopia !?!?! Thanks with this little script , we had with you !? We will with you !? We worship you !? Bleive you !?

  4. what we all get confused is this. In individualistic European or American society, if a white dude commits a crime, it is just that white guy, because we live in an individualistic culture. In places like Pakistan, Middle East and in more traditional cultures like Tigray when one guy commits a crime, it is as if the whole family feels it is their crime. What people don’t understand is this. When that documentary comes out incriminating tplf people, the whole of Tigray feels connected to those TPLF people, because they are a tightly bound traditonal culture, it feels it is them. That’s why it is very very very difficult to separate weyane from Tigray because individualis tendencies are absent In very traditional Tigray. It is communal life In Tigray. That’s why everyone in Tigray is offended. When the government did that documentary, as a government, it should know what kind of communal and traditional thinking tigreans have and be careful, because the government of Abiy is a leader of the whole of the Ethiopian family, including tigreans. This sensitivity is missing and there is constant miscommunication between Abiy and Tigrean people And the situation goes from bad to worse. The entire attempt by Esat and Abiy to say TPLF and Tigre people are different things is true but cannot also be easily digested by Tigreans because Tigreans think communally, as many traditional cultures do. Most Tigreans live in villages, they are not individualistic city people. in fact in Tigrean culture, you count seven generations before you marry someone. What this means is that someone from Maychew will go all the way to Northern tigreay or even Eritrea to chose a bride, because everyone around him is family In around Maychew and southern Tigray for seven generations. If people genuinely care about Tigrean people, it is important to understand them so that it is possible to communicate to them. Abiy misses this important point and the whole documentary ends up being interpreted as an assault against ALL tigreans by The watchers in Tigray region.

  5. Good analysis by Mami — though difficult to apply in a homogeneous society where individualism — i.e. FREEDOM of Expression and FEELING — is frowned upon, thus the consequence is stagnation and disaster for ALL. One last point before I tuned my commentary into a dissertation.
    It is worth observing that the so-called MODERN SCHOOLING that we have are no more enlightening than the harden society that we faced on our birthdays. In that context, the Modern Schooling became a source of memorization and mimicking without an iota of REASONING ………. I better STOP.

  6. So i guess it’s time for Tigree to cry

    How the hell this people protest,
    And talk about the constitutional right
    When they leaders don’t respect anything
    In the last 27 yrs
    Shame on you people,
    But wat can I say
    I’m laughing hard

  7. I am not judging based on ethnicity or background i am going to give 1 simple example and let the people choose what to do. A family of 100 living in together and 1 son commited a crime, why the other 99 are being dragged into the mess. 1 commited the crime then say his name and his crime, but when the crime is addressed with the entire family name, you better know what you’re doing because this happened in the history and the present and surely it will appear in the future and if we learned anything from this it is that results is going to be catastrophic.


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