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Three Assosa University students killed as violence escalates

Assosa University _Ethiopia
Photo : EBC

November 22,2018

Three Assosa University students are reportedly killed yesterday after a renewed violence.

As reported a few days, it was what looked like a fight between two students that was escalated to an ethnic based one.

From the first violence the number of victims was reported to be 34 and was mostly non-life threatening injury. And about 5 students were in hospital.

Now the situation is changed. Science and Higher Education Minister, Hirut Woldemariam (Dr.), confirmed, as reported by FBC yesterday, that three students are killed.

The violence was controlled initially but was later renewed, according to Dr. Hirut.

She added that the conflict between individuals was escalated because of elements, in the student’s community apparently, with their own agenda.

She also said that there are entities within the university community carrying out a mission for external forces; and they are instigating violence.

Universities have become targets as tools to reverse the ongoing reform and change in the country, according the Hirut. She mentioned that there have been similar incidents at Harmony University.

Meanwhile, Benshangul regional state authorities said today that they are working to resolve the issue at Assosa University and help resume classes.

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