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7 secret prisons discovered in the capital Addis Ababa

Kinfe Dagnaw_ prisons
Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw after his arrival in Addis Ababa
Source : SM

November 13,2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration is deepening war on former authorities and so far over hundred are reportedly arrested. Fana Broadcasting Corporate claimed that it received from the office of Federal Attorney General Lists of former government authorities who currently arrested.

It consists of two groups. The first one is lists of 27 authorities and employees who are arrested in connection with alleged charges of corruption, and they are mostly from METEC (government conglomerate operating under the defense department.)

The second list has names of 36 people are implicated in egregious human rights violations and/or in coordinating assassination plot on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during the support rally on June 23 – information from prosecutor office added that an ethnic Oromo agent was used for the plot to assassinate PM Abiy Ahmed. The latter group is connected with National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISS) one way or another.

According to the Attorney General, Berhanu Tsegaye, those who are suspected of human rights abuse committed torture ranking from pulling male genitals with pliers to handing bottle waters on them, from raping to putting ice in the female genitals and sodomizing male prisoners.

As well, the Attorney general said that 7 secret prisons are found in the capital Addis Ababa where prisoners were forced to a false confession (mostly political prisoners charged with the pretext of “terrorism.”) Most of them appeared in court on Monday and they were denied bail rights.

Most of the arrests were made on Saturday November 10, 2018.

This morning, former METEC director, Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw was captured, reportedly by Tigray security forces, in Humera as he was attempting to flee to Sudan. And he was brought to the capital Addis Ababa same day in a military helicopter.

Reports in social media say that the Federal Government has already issued arrest warrant on former intelligence chief Getachew Assefa and Abay Tsehaye, the former for human rights violations and the latter for embezzlement of government funds for personal use.

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