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Bri. General Kinfe Dagnaw captured and arrested as he was fleeing to Sudan through Humera

Kinfe Dagnaw _ METEC
Kinfe Kagnaw as he arrived in Addis Ababa
Photo : Screenshot from FBC video

November 13,2018

General Kinfe Dagnaw, one of the keys suspects implicated in grand corruption scandal, is captured yesterday in the evening as he was trying to leave for Sudan, according to reports by state media outlet.

The following video from state media, EBC, shows the circumstances under which he was captured in the Ethio-Sudan border town of Humera.

Another video published by Fana Broadcasting Corporate today showed General Kinfe handcuffed and coming out of a military helicopter in the capital Addis Ababa – where he is expected to appear in court in the next forty-eight hours.

He was the director of METEC, state-owned giant business empire under the ministry of Defense, it’s like state-owned military-industrial complex, until he “resigned” in April 2018, soon after Abiy Ahmed became prime minister of Ethiopia.

Secretive investigation that has been going on for the past five or so months, which was disclosed by Federal Prosecutor Berhanu Tsegaye a few days ago, revealed that METEC, under General Kinfe Dagnaw, carried out domestic and international procurement worth US $2 billion dollars without formal administrative procedures including formal bidding processes. Information from Federal prosecutor,Berhanu Tsegaye, unveiled that individuals related to the management in METEC procured up to 400 % higher than market prices.

As well, under Kinfe Dagnaw’s watch, Ships and passenger aircraft were purchased , and their whereabouts is not known.

At least four more military generals are arrested in connection with METEC grand corruption allegations and they will,including Kinfe Dagnaw, be facing charges of money laundering and organized theft of public resources, among other charges.

In a related development, Tekleberhan Woldearegay (Maj. Gen), former head of the Information Network Security Agency (INSA), is arrested this morning. He was also captured as he was trying to flee to Sudan through Humera.

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  1. Let us remember a robber is a robber never mind ethnicity. Kinfe never acted alone. For him to own an airplane Civil Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Internal Revenue, etc will have aided him. These officials should also be investigated. Ethiopians everywhere should come together to provide information to apprehend criminals. Those with special training should volunteer their expertise. Those in the social sciences could help by interviewing, documenting material witnesses among victims of human rights abuses. Prime Minister Abiy was speaking in parliament when he revealed wild animals were used to try to extract information out of citizens. A committee should be set up for victims to tell their stories. Reconciliation is a good idea; but we need justice; those who engaged in torture must face justice. Those in international finance sector could point out methods, practices corrupt individuals follow to steal and hide money. And so on.

    Some in Ethiopia (several posthumously) are prime candidates for Criminal Court at The Hague. A Citizen Taskforce should be set up to gather evidence, to hunt down foreign banks they have squirreled away stolen money to, and limit their movements abroad. The Magnitsky Act is the tool for just such times. Money reclaimed then could go to EDTF!


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