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Ten killed in a fresh violence in Benishangul-Gumuz Region

Benishangul-Gumuz regional state to cooperate with Oromo regional state to investigate the killing

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September 3,2018

Ethiopian government media reported today that ten Ethiopians are killed in Benishangul-Gumuz regional state in Western Ethiopia. Four others have sustained serious and non-life threatening injury and they are in a hospital.

The killings seem to be ethnic-based and happened in Beldig District in Delati town. This time the victims are ethnic Oromo.

Ethnic Amharas and Oromos have been repeatedly attacked in the region before in this year and thousands were compelled to be displaced and seek refuge in churches in Bahir Dar, capital of Amhara Regional state. It took the involvement of the regional state to resolve the ethnic-based attack targeting Amharas in the past.

Like in the past, the violence that left ten people dead is allegedly started as a conflict between two individuals but no explanation was given on the part the government as to how it evolved to what looks like a fully fledged ethnic-based attack.

Oromo regional state has issued a statement today regarding the killing. It says that it will investigate the cause of the violence in cooperation with Benishangul regional state and bring perpetrators to justice.

The statement added that people from the two regions have lived for ages as brothers and that the regional state will work on ways to foster the relationship.

An ethnic-based federal regional arrangement has been criticized for well over a decade on grounds demonstrated tendency to make relations between Ethiopians difficult but no omen is noticed so far if the federal government is restructuring it in a way to mitigate ethnic based violence, and in the interest of promoting the unity of Ethiopia.

The existing federal arrangement is also breading human rights violations as Ethiopians are harassed and mistreated as aliens by radicalized youths and locals due to manipulations by radicalized ethno-nationalists.

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