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Ethiopian Defense force reportedly clashed with Ethio-Somali region special forces in Jijjiga

Unverified photo shows situation in some parts of Jijiga
Source : SM

August 4,2018

Ethio-Somali region Special Forces clashed with Ethiopian defense force, which is deployed to the region following reports of instability this week, in Jijiga according to social media sources and US based Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) reports today.

The reports added that there has been an exchange for fire between the region’s Special Forces, who are said to be loyal to Abdi Mohamoud Omar, and Federal Defense Forces.

Some sources in social media claim that the region’s president is already captured and his residence is now under the control of Federal government forces.

There are no reports of causality so far. However, businesses in the city are being looted by youth groups in the city who are allegedly mobilized by Abdi Mohamoud Omar’s regional administration.

Ethnic Amhara and ethnic Oromo residents in the city are also reportedly targeted by mobs in the city.

On the other hand a report by ESAT says Jijiga is now under the control of the federal defense forces and government offices in the region are secured and patrolled. The report added that the region’s president is vowing to exercise article 39 of the constitutions which allows secession from Ethiopia.

The region has been a security challenge to the federal government for nearly a year now. And analysts tend to think that there is close alliance between Ethio-Somali region president and his administration, and TPLF elites who are believed to have widely engaged in reversing the ongoing reform under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

In September 2017, more than half a million Oromo speakers were displaced from the region following ethnic based violence that is believed to be manufactured by TPLF leaders with business interest in the illicit trade in the region and the government of Abdi Mohamoud Omar.

This week, Dire Dawa, one of Ethiopia’s most multi-ethnic city, experienced security problem as orchestrated ethnic based violence rise, and the Federal government had to deploy defense force and the federal police. The city is now under Command Post.

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  1. Abiy you rushing things.
    You been in office view months
    Already 2 states are thinking article 39

    You talk nicely, you look outside pease while inner citties are bunning


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