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Dire Dawa under Command Post following security concerns

Dire Dawa _ security
Dire Dawa
Photo credit : DW Amharic

August 3,2018

Command Post, a supreme authority that resonates with a time during which Ethiopia was unstable to the point that a state of emergency had to be declared,seem to relevant due to circumstances in some parts of Ethiopia.

It is re-emerging in Dire Dawa, about 452 kilometers to the south-east of the capital Addis Ababa, due to security concerns in the city. But this time it is not acting as a supreme authority. It will rather have a peacekeeping and pacifying role.

The city administration is overseeing the Command Post which is composed of Federal police and Members of the defense force. There seems to be a belief on the part of the government that clandestine groups are operating in the city to create instability and Command Post is authorized to take measures against them.

Based on social media reports groups that seem to have interest in reversing the course Ethiopia is going through have clandestinely organized youth groups to actively instigate conflict which they intend to give it an appearance of an ethnic-based conflict.

A report by DW Amharic today, which cited residents from Dire Dawa, says that there was ethnic-based violence in Melka Jebdu locality yesterday, and this is for the second time for the city, which rather had a reputation for harmony among multi-ethnic Ethiopians, to experience an ethnic-based attack in a week time.

Hawassa, another multi-ethnic city in South Ethiopia, experienced a similar situation, perhaps worse, as dozens of residents of the city were killed due to ethnic-based attack. The prime minister visited the city following the incident unprecedented in the history of the city and top regional authorities, including leaders of the party in charge of the region, were made to resign.

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