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Pastor rescued and arrested after attempts to resurrect from the dead turns awry

A pastor in Ethiopia tried to repeat the story of Lazarus by trying to raise dead body that had been in the grave for two days.But escaped mob attack as the attempt to raise the dead body went awry.

July 21,2018

Getayawukal Ayele claims to be a prophet. He apparently happened to visit a family who was grieving the loss of their loved one, Belay Biftu, who passed away following an a motorcycle accident on Monday this week, in Limu district, Wollega region of Western Ethiopia.

Based on eyewitness accounts emerging in social media, already two days passed since Belay had been buried.

Getayawkal, whose name translates to “God knows”, approached the family who was mourning Belay to convince them that he can raise him from the dead, just like Lazarus who was raised from the dead by Jesus after four days – a story we find in chapter 11 Gospel of John in the Bile.

The family, who apparently seem to be of protestant creed, was somehow cajoled and agreed to the proposal from the “prophet.”

Then the pastor led the family to Full Gospel church cemetery where Belay was buried and ordered the grave be dug, perhaps imitating Jesus’ Christs words “Take away the stone.”

Dinsa Debela, who works for the church and happened to be nearby was alarmed by the voice “Belay will raise from the dead” ,as reported by Amharic service of BBC. As he noticed what was happening, he voiced his opposition saying that what they are doing violates the Church practice.

He could not stop it,however, and had to flee the area as people who were digging the grave tried to attack him.

As the coffin is uncovered from the grave, Getayawukal descended to the tomb, opened the coffin and started to shout “Belay tenese!” ( Belay get up!)

Frustrated,apparently, that nothing happened, he lied on the corpse and continued to shout “Belay Tenese”, as seen in the video footage above which was widely shared in social media.

As the prophet gets no response from the corpse, he got out of the tomb and declares “there is nothing that can be done” and tried to walk way.

That is when people,who were watching the whole thing quietly ( which is unusual for Ethiopians to do so), and the family got angry and started to attack the prophet as per Dinsa Debela, an eyewitness,who is cited by the BBC Amharic. Then police had to step in to rescue the “prophet” from mob attack but he was later arrested.

Early last month, a pastor was devoured by a giant crocodile as he tries to baptize his faithful on the shores of Lake Abbaya.
Video source : SM
Cover photo: Screenshot from video

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