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Agazi security forces kill two civilians in Wollega

Protest in Wollege
Source : ESAT


As defiance against the ruling party, which aims an end to a government by the ruling party, continues in Oromo region of Ethiopia, Agzie forces reportedly killed two civilians in Shambu,Wollega.

These loyal TPLF forces were shooting at protesters to kill, according to a report by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). The number of people who sustained wounds from Shambu attack is not know.

In a similar development, there was violence various town in East Wollega as well, reported ESAT citing its sources in the area. Hulukumba,Gimbi,Qelem, Dembi Dolo towns and Nekemte city witnessed continued protest.

In Shoa, Central Ethiopia, Bako and Muger towns saw anti-government protest. As in Shambu, government security forces opened fire on protesters in Muger town but the number of causalities from the attack is not available.

The south eastern part of Ethiopia is also still tense. Yesterday, four buses that belong to Selam Bus company which is established by Tigray Development Association and affiliated with Tigray people’s Liberation Front was attacked while travelling to Kulbi Gebriel carrying Ethiopian church pilgrims.

The killings in Wollega today came in a wake of claim by government that it will investigate the killings in Chelenko and the violence in South East Ethiopia.

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