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Ethiopia : Colonel Demeke Zewdu to appear before court

July 19,2016

Colonel Demeke Zewdu
Colonel Demeke Zewdu

Colonel Demeke Zewdu who was a member of Wolqaite Question committee is to appear before court for homicide according to sources who seem to have informants from Gondar, a city which was battling with government security forces for more than a week now.

From the sources, it seems that Colonel Zewdu will not be tried in Addis Ababa. He will be tried in Gondar.

While the basic cause of the recent popular uprising is, among other things, Wolqaite question, the incident that sparked the uprising was security forces, who are believed to be from Tigray, attempt to capture colonel Demeke Zewdu. Colonel Zewdu exchanged fire with security forces claiming the lives of at least two of deployed security forces.

Reportage by “Anti-terrorist Taskforce” which was aired the the state television -Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation- disclosed that eleven security forces were killed during the uprising in Gondar last week.

What aggravated popular anger in Gonder following the incident between colonel Demeke and security forces was alleged move by “Federal Security Forces” to take Colonel Demeke to Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Colonel Demeke already won thousands of followers who hail not only his casue “Wolqaite is Amhara” but also in the way he responded to security forces in defense of his freedom. From social media updates within the Ethiopian community, many Ethiopians think that Demeke Zewdu did the right thing and he is rather seen as a hero.

Ethiopian government already labelled committee members who are elected to facilitate wolqaite identity question as “terrorists.”

However, the image that government is trying to depict to Ethiopians does not seem to resonate well. In Ethiopian tradition , resistance to oppression is a virtue as opposed to “terrorism”

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