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Ethiopian Restaurants in Toronto

Ethiopian Restaurants in Toronto
by Dimetros Birku

May 11,2014

Exotic food lover? Whether you are a meat lover or a vegan, Ethiopian restaurant is a place to be. Good news is there are dozens of excellent Ethiopian cuisines conveniently located in downtown Toronto as well as in the western and Eastern parts of Toronto.

Most places have free parking in the neighborhood during the weekend and after six or seven in the evening weekdays.

If you are not driving, the proximity of most Ethiopian Restaurants in Toronto to a subway station is convenient. They are usually located within two to three minutes of walking distance.

Most delicious Ethiopian dishes,vegan or meat platter, are under $20.

Some Ethiopian places serve Ethiopian coffee as well – organic , with no additives, what so ever, and roasted before your eyes. The aroma of the roast itself is just amazing.

Best of all Ethiopian dinner give social gathering more meaning as it is truly social in all its forms. No individual plates; it is one big tray which people will have to circle around to enjoy the meal. Of course, you have to forget about forks and spoons as it will not do justice to the Ethiopian meal or to yourself . Ethiopian food,especially injera, is not meant to be eaten that way. And eating with a hand is fun even for people who never tried it before.

The coffee ceremony is equally collectivizing and joyous moment. Usually, the aroma of roasted coffee is followed by aromatic incense.Single serve is between $10 to $15 and is good for well over six or seven people.
Hospitality another special hallmark of Ethiopian culture and certainly you’ll find it in the Ethiopian restaurant too.

Lalibela Restaurant is popular with its two location in the East and West side of Toronto. The west one is located nearby Ossington subway station along Bloor Steet West. The branch in East Toronto is conveniently located on Danforth Aventhe closestwood is a closest subway station.

Rendezvous Restaurant is certainly one of the success stories in Toronto. One of the best Ethiopian food with excellent service. Located on Danforth Avenue and very close to Greenwood subway station. It has got a website for online reservation.

Wazema Restaurant certainly has online reservations service. Again located along Danforth Avenue and close to Greenwood subway station.

Blue Nile Restaurant – best food and ambiance! They don’t seem to have online reservations. You will certainly love the very romantic setting of the place.

Sora Restaurant in East Toronto is also popular for its delicious tasting Ethiopian food. It is within two minutes walking distance.

Websites of other Ethiopian restaurants will be updated as it becomes available.

Hope that’s helpful for you to experience most delicious Ethiopian food.

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