Tourists attacked in Ethiopia

November 15,2016 Tourists from Slovakia and Czech republic are reportedly attacked in South Ethiopia sometime last week. The number of tourists that came under rock is said to be six in number, according to the report. Ethiopian driver,not identified by name, was shot and died in hospital according the report. At least six people are […]

Ethiopia : restriction on diplomats to travel outside of Addis Ababa lifted

November 8,2016 [adToAppearHere] Regime in Ethiopia lifted restrictions imposed on diplomats under state of emergency which came into effect at the beginning of last month. Under directive announced to implement the state of emergency, diplomats were not allowed to travel outside of 40 kilometers of radius from the capital Addis Ababa without the knowledge of […]

Ethiopia unhappy with US travel ban : CCTV

CCTV Africa October 25, 2016 Ethiopia’s government says it’s disappointed by a United States travel warning. The State Department has urged American citizens to stay away from Ethiopia, citing recent unrest. However, the government in Addis Ababa is adamant the country is safe. Video: CCTV For more information, check: Join the conversation. Like borkena […]

US citizens advised to cancel non-essential travel to Ethiopia

October 21,2016 US State Department issued travel advisory for its citizens in relation to the situation in Ethiopia. This is for the second time when State Department issue travel advisory on Ethiopia in a matter of months. Sharon Gray, post-doctoral researcher from UC Davis, was killed in Sebeta outside of Addis Ababa early October when […]