Ethiopia : Why are we shocked?

Reactions in social media to news of arrest of six zone9 bloggers and journalist seem to be that of shock. In my view, many of us are shocked not because the development is something new in the history of TPLF leadership as governing party but because of the pattern of constant forgetfulness about the nature […]

Ethiopia: Parliament picked Aster Mamo as Deputy Prime Minister

Ethiopian Parliament picked Aster Mamo as Deputy Prime Minister with the portfolio of “Good Governance” Reform Cluster Coordinator and Civil Service Minister, reported Fana Broadcasting which is believed to be government affiliated Media in Ethiopia Source: Wikimedia   Aster Mamo is high ranking member of the ruling EPRDF party -a coalition of ethnic based political […]

Ethiopia : Defiant Dessie to fight along with UDJ

(Borkena) Defiant Dessie is joining hands with UDJ (Unity For Democracy and Justice) to make mobilization for planned peaceful demonstration in Dessie a success. News published on UDJ news website, Finote Netsanet, is very clear about the level of government repression in Dessie. Finote Netsanet is also clear that residents in Dessie are defying government […]

Ethiopia : Resilient Ethiopian Muslims’ Movement is back

(Borkena) The Resilient Ethiopian Muslim Movement is back. Today, Ethiopian Muslims were demonstrating again in the capital Addis Ababa and different parts of Ethiopia. The Grand Anwar Mosque in Addis Ababa was once again a place to oppose government peacefully after procession of Friday prayer. According to Dimtsachin Yisema , one of the voices of […]