Ethiopia : Aba Dula , Driba Kuma restricted and under surveillance

June 5, 2014 (borkena) Speaker of the House of representative, Aba Dula Gemeda, and Addis Ababa mayor Driba Kuma are reportedly restricted in their movement and subject to surveillance. Golgul, online Amharic News, published a narrative that Aba Dula and Driba are already dispossessed of their passports – a move that is believed to deter […]

Ethiopia : Why are we shocked?

Reactions in social media to news of arrest of six zone9 bloggers and journalist seem to be that of shock. In my view, many of us are shocked not because the development is something new in the history of TPLF leadership as governing party but because of the pattern of constant forgetfulness about the nature […]

Ethiopian ruling party using hooligans to harass Opposition

(Borkena) Ethiopian ruling party is seemingly employing hooligans in its repression member of opposition parties. Usually, TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) dominated government employs either outright repression through its Federal police members or legal repression where by it incarcerates dissenting voices through trumped up charges. In the last Federal election, for lack of better phrase, […]

Cutting It Both Ways across the Mereb River

By Zekre Lebona All nationalist Eritrean historians stipulate that the Unionist Parity in the 1950s had the strong support of Ethiopia from headquarters located in Tigray, resulting in its dominance among the kebesa Christians. What they forget oddly, however, is the parallel phenomenon of the larger political and military input from the same place that […]

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