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Ethiopian PM sees coup attempt, warns “it will not succeed”

There have been rumors that Ethiopian Prime Minister has lost trust to his military officers and intelligence officials over fears of coup attempt

Ethiopian News _ Abiy _ coup
Abiy Ahmed speaking about the alleged coup at the Ethiopian Parliament, July 4, 2024 (Photo : screenshot from FBC video)


Toronto – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday appeared at the 36th regular session of the House of People’s Representatives to address questions from parliamentarians. 

But he also talked about something he was not asked: coup d’etat. He made claims – at least for the second time now in less than a year – that there is an active attempt to undertake a coup against his government. He implicated an unspecified country in financing the coup. He described those who are attempting, as he alleges, the coup as “my fathers and my elder brothers.” 

“Even though the question is not asked, let me advise my fathers and my elder brothers. Recently in some areas, our fathers are discussing a coup d’ etat. it will not succeed in Ethiopia. We are soldiers and we built the institutions in a way to ensure that the coup will not succeed,” he said.  

The Prime Minister did not specify who the elders and elder brothers were who were working on a coup to topple him.  But he repeated himself emphasizing that the coup he alleges is a project by “elders and elder brothers.” 

The unnamed country is linked to the coup attempt that the Prime Minister is alleging. 

“There was a coup in Ethiopia 50 years ago… now it will never succeed. Never. my advice for my elders and fathers is not to waste time. Do not crowd the guest house. Do not waste money from our friendly country, ”  he said. 

It has been very common for Abiy Ahmed’s government to arrest left and right – especially in the capital Addis Ababa – on alleged grounds of security threats in Addis Ababa. 

The fear of coup d’état has been repeatedly making headlines in the state-owned media outlets in the country. There was a time when the Addis Ababa City Administration and the Federal government justified the blockade of travelers from the Amhara region to the capital at different times by alleging they were coming to the capital to undertake a coup d’état.

This time the Prime Minister alleged that a “friendly country” was financing the coup attempt but did not name a name. Since the U.S. government is believed to support his government, it is unlikely that he is referring to it. It is probably that he may be talking about Eritrea since his government’s relation with the country has deteriorated. 

Abiy equated the alleged attempt to take over power by force to ”intoxication of lust for money.”

Ethiopians are reacting to the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s claim. Many tend to think that if there was the slightest information about a group that is planning a coup, Abiy Ahmed’s government would not hesitate to make an arrest.  

There is also a view that Abiy is expressing his fears – and that it confirms that his government has lost public confidence. 


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  1. Shame on you for repeating this fake dramas. False Flag. How do you even write an article about this farce He had already created false confessions from his own soldiers which he tortured.

    • Editor’s note : Views in the article do not necessarily reflect the views of

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      Stories like this are amusing to us, but my friend was beside himself. Do Americans really think that Europe is backward? Well, apparently, some do.

      If you’re traveling abroad, you may be surprised to know that many countries are far more advanced that the United States in some areas. For example, there has been a high-speed 200 mph train connecting London to Paris since 1994. Yet, America still doesn’t have a high-speed train network of its own.

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      Editor’s note : Views in the article do not necessarily reflect the views of
      source Cnn

  2. To all my very dear Horn of African brothers and sisters,

    I would to take this defining moment of the birthday of Good Ole USA, the country that provided us with the opportunities we would never have in our own countries of birth, to wish all of you and your families continued rewarding success and health!!!

    Peace y’all

  3. What happened now PM Abiy? Who had tried a coup on your government and when did it happen? Any names? How was it foiled? Don’t leave us in the dark. Come on now and spill the beans. Your predecessors used to justify arresting innocent individuals who stood in their way. Is that what it is now? You should give us the ocular proof of the coup attempt. Let’s go!!!
    I can tell you one irrefutable fact though. USA will not tolerate those who try to topple a foreign government in friendly terms from its soil. I also can attest to you in equally indisputable facts that claiming a coup by your predecessors to arrest and in some cases make opposing individuals disappear without a trace never brought the dough home for them. In stead, it backfired on them leading to their unceremonious shortened days at the big house. You should know that. What am I doing here preaching to the choir? Ocular proof, sir!!!

  4. Not credible thing in a srcond. This is the boy who cried too many time the wolf. He made too many false claims and red flags of coupe d’etat before only to turn out an unfounded claim. He wants to confuse the public and garner done undeserved sympathy, not mentione playing the ethnic card of the Oromumman platform, even thoug he is killing and abusing Oromos themselves en masse day in and day y out.

  5. Another horseshit from this child idiot. Imaginary coup attempts will probably happen in Abiy’s sick mind but a real uprooting of the government will happen in the real world by the Fanno men and women. Signed, sealed and delivered!!

    Victory to FANNO!!

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    Ittu, how many times did I tell you not to mention that name? That is the person I hate most.
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  7. I want to warn this young prime minister with this. PM Abiy! You see that cup of tea or coffee you are about to have? Look out! A coup is gonna pop out of the bottom of the cup!!! A coup is gonna jump out of everything around you! If I were you, I would go to sleep with one eye still wide open. Watch out young man! A coup is standing just inches away behind you. Coup is lurking every where up close and personal. This is just between the boy, you and me only. I even heard Speedy Gonzalez is conspiring a coup on you with Hermit The Frog and Duffy Duck. Look out there three are very sophisticated and extremely dangerous! Look out!!!

    • are you ordering chaos ? you are expressing your care and sycophantic love to all time genocider Abiy Ahmed .


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