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Ethiopian Poet Nebiyu Mekonnen Passed Away 

Nebiyu Mekonnen _ Ethiopian news
The late Nebiyu Mekonnen (Photo : SM)


TorontoNebiyu Mekonnen, a prominent Ethiopian poet, playwright journalist, and author, passed away. His death was reported by local sources on Wednesday. 

Sources from Addis Ababa said he has been getting medical treatment for a long time for an undisclosed health condition. 

During Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s administration, he was imprisoned for about seven years at ” Alem Bekagne” prison. His arrest came at a time during which there was a “struggle” between the struggle for power between revolutionaries which ultimately led to what came to be known in Ethiopian history as “Red Terror.”

Apart from his literary contributions, he was one of the founders and Editor-in-Chief of the Amharic Addis Admas Newspaper – Addis Ababa-based print media that has been operating for decades now. In the News Paper, he used to write a popular column entitled “Yegna Sew Be America.” 

Nebiyu was born and raised in Nazret city.  There seems to be no official statement from the family regarding the arrangement. However, there are social media reports that he will be laid to rest in Nazret. 

His poetic work, “Sewur Sefet” and his translation of Margaret Mitchell’s ” Gone With The Wind” which he translated as  Negem Lela Ken New ( ነገም ሌላ ቀን ነው ) are among his popular works. He is also the writer of the popular T.V. series “Bale Guday.” 

Nebiy was also known for his humor and jokes.  He  is survived by three daughters.  The news of his death is trending on social media. His fans are writing status updates expressing condolences and sharing memories, pictures and his works. 

Borkena would like to express heartfelt condolences to the family,  friends, and fans of Nebiyu Mekonnen. 


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  1. Nebiy, not Nebiyu. This is poorly written obituary. When was he born? When did he die? Basic info is missing. May be you should depart journalism and go into another business.


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