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General Tefera Mamo reportedly “joined Fano Forces” 

General Tefera Mamo _ Ethiopian News
General Tefera Mamo is seen with Fano Force (Photo : SM/File)


Toronto – Former Amhara Special Forces Commander, General Tefera Mamo, has not returned to his home in Addis Ababa after Church on Sunday. 

Information circulating on social media, on Monday- that is said to be from his spouse Menene – confirmed that he did not return home and left his phone at home. 

Some sources that claim to have a connection to the Amhara region report that the General has already joined the Fano rebels.  However, it is unspecified as to which Fano group he joined. 

He has been ailing from leg pain that is said to be related to bullet wounds from before for which he was recommended to travel abroad for better medical attention. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government, denied him an exit visa to Israel for nearly two years now. 

With over forty years of service in the Ethiopian Defense Force – including as Brigadier General – and his alleged involvement in a coup during Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s premiership, there appears to be some concern in the ruling party. 

After the June 2019 incident in the Amhara region that claimed the lives of political leaders in the region including Dr. Ambachew and General Asamenew Tsige – who was serving at the time as head of peace and security in the region, General Tefera Mamo was briefly arrested. He was also arrested briefly in the capital Addis Ababa after the TPLF and Abiy Ahmed’s administration signed the Pretoria agreement.

General Tefera has been speaking out against the massacre of ethnic Amhara in different parts of the country and was also a vocal critic of the TPLF aggression. 

There is no definitive confirmation if he joined the Fano Forces who have been fighting against the Abiy Ahmed government to reverse “existential threats” Amharas have been facing. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed must be locked up banded together with Amhara and TPLF leaders , causing more chaos in Ethiopia against fellow ethiopians of all ethnic background Abiy Ahmed must be locked up banded together with Amhara and TPLF leaders , causing more chaos in Ethiopia against fellow ethiopians of all ethnic background

    This is AI-generated-image -to- recrute- more Gn Mamo is not in position to join a battle field.

  2. I have politely pleaded to all editors of platforms like this one in our Diaspora to make the websites they prudently created where all of us will preach for harmony, peace and stability. They have to rein in those who used these sacred platforms to pitch one group of people against another by hurling repulsive and denigrating pejoratives. Those upright and noble people we left behind and that gem of the colored that produced us all have gone through and seen enough unimaginable bloodshed and destruction because of stupid individuals on both sides. Since 1974 every regime that ruled that country one after another has been more or less a disappointment. When you think one has learned a bitter lesson from its predecessors, it won’t take too long before it dashes to its arsenal and point its deadly guns at its own justice demanding unarmed citizens. It is a typical African disease. There is also another fact our old country has seen it all like everyone else in modern history since the 1776 American War of Independence. That historical fact is there has never been a single armed group that brought democratic form of governance once it topples a sitting government. Not one!!! One may have well educated and eloquent leaders at the top but when it comes to a form of governance where no one is above the law, they will turn into murderous beasts. So that country is now between a hard and rock place. Despots in towns and bigots in the bushes are taking it apart. The editors of this esteemed website and others should rein in these bigots and eyal-Al-souqs who have been spewing around repulsive pejoratives and profanities. It will only make life even harder for those innocent citizens and the effort much harder for those who toil 24-7 to bring people together. You will be blessed. Let’s monger peace and stability for that jewel of humanity. Insha’Allah!!!


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