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South Sudan ratified $738 million HighWay road project to Ethiopia 

South Sudan Ethiopia Highway Road Project
Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba ruling the agreement is approved (Photo : MFAE)


Toronto – Bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and South Sudan that aimed at enhancing economic integration between the two countries seems to be witnessing a remarkable milestone. 

On Wednesday, South Sudan’s National Assembly approved a $738 million financial agreement with Ethiopia to build a 220 kilometers highway connecting Ethiopia and South Sudan. A report by One Citizen Daily said The Assembly passed the agreement unanimously. 

The HighWay project will connect North Eastern South Sudan to Western Ethiopia. 

According to sources, the house approved it following discussion on the findings of Changkuoth Bichiok, the chairperson of the standing specialized committee for finance and planning, which was presented on Tuesday. 

Apparently, the cost was found to be high but the Minister for Roads and Bridges, Mijok Mijak, clarified to the Assembly. He is cited  as saying the “actual length of the road could be 320 kilometers, as it would pass through a swamp and black cotton soil, requiring extensive excavation.” 

Mayen Deng Alier, a representative from the Upper Nile State of South Sudan sees in the project an economic benefit to his region  which says has untapped resources because of accessibility issues.

The Agreement was signed in May 2023 in Juba. Ethiopia’s State Minister for Finance, Eyob Tekaligne and South Sudan’s Minister for Finance Dier Tong Ngor signed it in the presence of South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

It was said that the Highway project will facilitate commercial activity between the two countries and promote connectivity. In May 2023, there was a conversation about developing infrastructure further between the two countries including in the areas of electricity and oil pipelines as part of the plan to hasten economic integration. 


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  1. Excellent news. It is a jab on the arms of adjacent areas where the road will be constructed. Hands off bigots and thugs! Hands off!!!


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