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Ethiopia, Italy sign Grant Agreement to fund Gender-Based Violence Victims Support Projects

Ethiopia _ Gender based violence victims support project
The two parties signing the agreement (photo : PD)


Toronto – The Ministry of Finance on Tuesday announced that a 4,7 million Euro agreement is signed with the government of Italy.  

Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Agostino Palese, and Semereta Sewasew, State Minister in the Ministry of Finance, signed the agreement. 

The money that amounts to 291 million Ethiopian Birr is to be spent on social programs including health. 

According to the Ministry, the agreement signed is titled “Strengthening of the SGBV (Sexual Gender Based Violence) and MHPSS (Mental Health Psychosocial Support) services in Ethiopia” 

It is intended  “to strengthen the local system in the provision and expansion of quality, equitable and accessible gender-based violence and mental health psychosocial support services in conflict-affected three regions and Addis Ababa.” 

However, the Ministry unspecified which regions are getting a share of the funding to finance programs related to Gender-Based Violence and mental health. There have been recurring reports of gender-based  violence in the Tigray region of Ethiopia including kidnapping of girls. 

In a related development, Outside of Ethiopia, Italy seems to have an interest in economic investment in Eritrea. Eritrea’s Ministry of Information on Monday disclosed that an Italian government delegation under Mr. Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprises & Made In Italy, met with President Isaias Afeworki in Eritrea. The president has reportedly commended the Italian initiative. In January this year, the present visited Italy and spent weeks there. Historically, Italy had a presence in Eritrea as a colonial power. 


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