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Sudan arrested six Ethiopian Woman snipers who allegedly fought for RSF 

The Ethiopian government is yet to remark about the allegations regarding “Ethiopian Woman snipers”

Alleged Ethiopian snipers arrested by Sudan gov’t (Photo : Sudan Tribue)


Toronto – A Sudanese news source , on Thursday, reported that Sudanese authorities have  arrested six Ethiopian woman snipers who  allegedly fought on the part of the Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo led Rapid Support Force (RSF). 

Sudan Tribune reported that they were arrested in Gederaf a Sudanese border town along the Ethio-Sudan border. 

 Citing unspecified sources, Sudan Tribune alleges that  “these women had been operating within the RSF for over a year, leveraging their specialized sniping expertise gained in Ethiopia. Their alleged involvement in operations against the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and security agencies is supported by images of military engagements and weaponry found on their phones.” How, when and where exactly the suspects served RSF as snipers unclear. 

Furthermore, the report claims that an “Arrangement had purportedly been made for their safe passage and remuneration upon reaching Ethiopia,” but they were “intercepted” as they tried to flee to Ethiopia. 

The source is using the story as evidence to attest to the government of Sudan’s claim  “that foreign nationals are being recruited as mercenaries.”  

An image used in the story shows six women in Islamic traditional woman clothing common in Sudan but the picture is used in a way that their identity can not be known (see image above).  

It went further to implicate Ethiopia by name. It said “a video released by the SRF fighters after the capture of El-Fula shows an Ethiopian raising the flag of their country.”  There have been allegations that Ethiopian forces are taking part in the conflict in Sudan. The story was linked to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – a story which Getachew Reda – Interim President of the Tigray region – denied. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has not yet remarked about the allegation. Before it was dragged to its own war, Sudan invaded Ethiopia in the North West and forcefully occupied a considerably big territory. 

The Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Force (RSF) have been fighting since April 2023. A report by the International Rescue Committee says Over eight million Sudanese are reportedly displaced due to the war.  


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  1. I tend not to believe the crime these women are accused of. I am not even ready if they are Ethiopians after all. Both sides in the conflict are always looking for something to tell their foreign bosses that they are being besieged on all sides including foreign mercenaries. After all, Sudan was created on a whim of Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser and now it is being steered in all directions by UAE, Turkey, Putin using his Wagner Group mercenaries and of course Egypt. Burhan’s forces must have been taking a licking on the battle fronts lately and could be looking for patsies putting the blame on these refugees. Now Burhan is also blaming the TPLF and Ethiopian soldiers. I hate to see that country of noble people go haywire in such horrible ways.

  2. What happened to these countrywomen since Burhan announced their arrest? I don’t expect the Ethiopian government to follow up with the shabby Sudanese regime. I call upon the UN, Amnesty International, The Red Cross and other organizations to keep track the status of these refugees. They are being used as patsies.


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