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Gold price changes the National Bank of Ethiopia announced 

Gold Price _ Ethiopia
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Toronto – Within a week after introducing major policy changes, the National Bank of Ethiopia announced changes to gold pricing. 

Those suppliers who supply the bank from 50 grams to 3 kilograms of gold will see 60 percent price increases. It means that NBE will pay 60 percent more money to the existing prices. 

If suppliers are bringing 3 kilograms to 30 kilograms of gold to NBE for sale, they will get 67 percent price increases. 

And those supplying more than 30 kilograms, they will get 72 percent price increases. 

Last Ethiopian fiscal year, the bank was buying gold by paying about 35 percent more than the price at the world market if they were supplying between 50 grams and 150 grams of gold. If the supply amount is more that one kilogram, the bank was paying 52 percent more rate compared to the price at the world market. 


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  1. Gold price that was $20 /oz in the 1930 has risen to $2300 in 2024.
    What this simply means is that the USD ($) , a global reserve currency ( & relatively all FIAT currencies) has lost its purchasing power over time.

    Considering the current health/condition of the global financial system Gold price is expected to rise and reach up to $8000 before this decade is over. One of the catalysts is the near end of the current ( version 3) of the Bretton Woods financial system the global finance operates under…and the emerging of the new asset-backed financial system expected to be released very soon.
    Which includes the BRICS developed asset backed trading system that is expected to be announced in the next BRICS meeting in Russia towards the end of 2024.

    Not only Gold, but all precious-metals (including silver) prices are on the move and are expected to continue to rise.

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    Following the above links/sites and the various financial professionals/experts/traders they put forward will help you educate yourselves as well as take action to keep your financial house-keeping in order (avoid sudden shocks ).

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    Good luck!!!

    Be well.

  2. That is whatever is left after it was looted by the sticky hands commies from Beijing. Stealing from poor people is what ‘Workers of The World Unite!’ all about. Once commies were running our old country and they ran it down to the ground. Boy, do I have nothing but utter contempt for commies or what?!!!


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