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Ethiopian gov’t released three journalists following  Habeas Corpus

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Toronto – The Ethiopian government released three journalists over the weekend after nearly tens months of illegal arrest under the guise of the state of emergency which was imposed in August 2023. 

Ethio News on Tuesday confirmed that journalist Belay Manaye, its founder, is released from the harsh prison facility in Awash Arba and is home now in Addis Ababa with his wife and two children. He was released on Monday. 

He was arrested in November 2023. Initially he was at the Federal Police Headquarter in Addis Ababa but later was transferred to Awash. 

Bekalu Alamriew and Tewodros Zerfu, also journalists, are released. They were languishing in  Awarsh Arba since a day after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Administration imposed a state of emergency over the Amhara region of Ethiopia in August 2024. 

Local News sources indicated that Habeas corpus charge was laid against the government after the extended state of emergency was completed last week. It was initially declared for six months with a stated mission to “disarm Fano forces in the Amhara region” but it was extended by four months in February 2024. 

Many more journalists and activists – including Meskerem Abera – are still behind bars.

Fano forces have been fighting government forces since August 2023. They are reported to be more armed and stronger than August 2023. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet declared the official end of the state of emergency in the Amhara region. Local reports indicate intense fighting between the government force and fano in different parts of the Amhara region.


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  1. To those who have read the book ” 1984″ by George Orwell, I urge you to review it and read about the use of double language, how the manipulation of words leads to manipulation of the mind. To remember how the government was using words devoid of meaning to eliminate logical thought process. The boy king is a master of double speech. He says on thing and does the other…wasn’t he highly respected and celebrated for allowing opposition leaders and journalists to come back to the country and promised freedom of speech just a few years earlier.
    Now there are more journalists, activists and opposing politicians in prison than I can name. Boy king , in his infinite wisdom, after pleasing his masters with empty words, very quickly showed that he did not intend to do any of the promised reforms, instead he went back to the Junta playbook (he is after all a product of this mentality) in his desparate effort fullfill his mother’s unlucky prophecy!!
    ps: In my country we say that in the eyes of a mother owl her babies (the ugliest birds in the animal kingdom) are the most beautiful of all the other birds. But it takes a special kind of stupid coupled with some serious narcissistic tendencies for a grown man to believe in his mother’s dreams for him (of him being the king of all Ethiopians!!! Couldn’t she imagine her boy as a doctor or a lawyer, like most normal mothers do?) And there, tahtah you got a prime minister single handedly (Simmels Abdissa is also doing his worst) destroying a country while he builds palaces for him self and his close circle Prosperity Gospel Party. Yes Ethiopia is ruled by a mix of Prosperity Gospel nonsense coupled with ancient tribal violence straight from the Roman empire divide and conquer strategy. I know religious beliefs are highly respected in Ethiopia and people rarely blame a religion for the their suffering, but I urge you to watch documentaries about the Prosperity Gospel preachers, what they preach, completely contradicting Orthodox Christianity and Islam that denounce accumulation of wealth and promote sharing your wealth with the unfortunate, their immense fortune and their funny little enlightment rituals. Christos himself said that it is easier for a cammel to pass through the little hole of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. Prosperity Gospel sees wealth as God gift and poverty as a result of not being devoted enough to the church. They manipulate people to believe that their problems will go away by giving large sums of money to the church they attend!!
    So what can people expect when the PM and his close followers, believe in such a distorted version of Christianity??The boy king even has his favorite pastor as on of his closest advisors!! How is this man qualified to give advice on the governance of a country??
    We all know the boy king is street smart and he doesn’t have a valid PhD, he can’t speak adequate English and most of all he has no idea about the international community and foreign political understanding. His advisors are mostly from the same mold, he has frequently expressed his mistrust of technocrats and of educated people in general, because they have the means to discredit his style of governance. So he only surrounds himself with yesmen. The future of Ethiopia is bleak as long as this con-artist is in power, he will forever lie and pit one against the other, while he dances of heaps of money painted with the blood of the innocent people he was elected to serve.
    By the way, did any “judge” try to find where the millions found in the mayor’s account came from. Why did he give a medal of honor to the Turkish drone manufacturer Bairaktar (the same drones that cost around 1 million $ and are used to bomb schools and churches??) And then when he signs this silly pact with Somaliland, making Somalia his enemy again, what was his response when the Turkish and Somalian governments signed a treaty making Turkey the protector of Somalian sovereignty?? It was silence, because his ignorance of foreign politics is so profound that I expect even more silly and thoughtless moves on the international arena. He gambles that Ethiopia is too big and poppulous for the international community to let it disintegrate. But he is wrong, once the big players will have their investments secured, they will happily push the country down the hill, as it will provide for even cheaper labor and continue to be China’s china!!


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