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Eskinder Nega’s remark about possible negotiation with government 

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Toronto – There has been a rumor that Eskinder Nega, one of the Fano leaders in the Amhara region and who is believed to be in Shoa currently, is negotiating with Abiy Ahmed’s government. The story appeared to be a propaganda stunt on the part of pro-government activists.  

A news story published by BBC Amharic this week cited Eskinder Nega as saying “decision is not yet reached,” regarding negotiation with the government – to end the military resistance. 

“There are many Fano groups. Each one is independent,” seems to be the reason that Eskinder gave as an explanation why a decision is not yet made. Eskinder Nega used to an activist and leader of Balderas opposition before he abandoned it and ventured to an armed struggle as the political space in the country got worse for a peaceful struggle. 

However, Eskinder seems to have laid what appears like a precondition to end the war in the Amhara region. 

“If there is interest in ending the war in the Amhara region, the government must stop killing us because of our identity. Hundreds of thousands of Amhara had been killed because of their identity. The genocide opened on the people must stop. There must be a radical change[systemic]. The constitution must be amended,” he is cited as saying. 

As Eskinder said, there are many Fano groups in different parts of the Amhara region of Ethiopia but all of them fighting against the regional government which is seen as a stooge for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. So far there is no demonstrated interest in entering into negotiation with the Abiy Ahmed’s administration which is implicated in the massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara. 

The Amhara regional administration and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration have been talking about, for several months now, negotiation with Fano forces but no tangible steps have been observed in that direction.

The Ethiopian government has not officially remarked about any ongoing or planned negotiation with Fano forces.

This week, there has been ongoing conversations among Ethiopian activists on the notion of negotiated settlement as a means to address the existing crisis in Ethiopia. Yet, there is a contending view that sees the approach as ineffective and underivable arguing that the problem in the country is structural calls for a radical change. 

Multiple reports from reputable human rights organizations in the country and abroad over the past ten or so months have been indicating that Abiy Ahmed government forces committed egregious human rights violations. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in different parts of the Amhara region since that government imposed a state of emergency in the region. There have been recurring drones strikes against civilians and extrajudicial executions by government forces. And the incidents have been documented.  

The Extended State of Emergency ended last week but the government has not officially declared it and the restrictions in the region are still in place. 


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  1. Let’s all hope and pray that the old country will somehow be able to find peace with itself very soon. Let’s hope and pray that the youth that has been connived to take to the bushes will finally wake up to those who hoodwinked him/her and go back to his loved ones. That is the best wishes we can extend to those noble people who produced us all. They have seen it all. They were mowed down like overgrown lawn, chased out of their domiciles where they have lived for decades and even centuries. They have been denied their dignity by thugs and bigots. When they think that it is all over for them, then suddenly sky start falling on top of them with bloodshed they have never seen before. What else they have not been subjected to? May The Good Lord Bring Peace and Stability for them! If that starts happening soon, they are assured that a better world is awaiting them. Qualified experts both at IMF and The World Bank are projecting an encouraging economic growth for the old country between 6.3 and 7.00. That is great news. With sustained peace and stability we can all say that the country that we still hold very dear to our heart, it has finally got its mojo working. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. The economic prospect projected by qualified experts at IMF and The World Bank for several African countries is very encouraging. That small jewel in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti, leads with the highest expected economic growth. The one I found worth celebrating is the prospect for Somalia, a country once written off as a lost cause. It is expected to grow by about 3.5%. It also seems to have got its mojo working. I would like to extend my heart-felt congratulations to my very dear Somali brothers and sisters for this monumental achievement. I am sure you will never forget those young men and women from other African countries who lost their Allah blessed lives helping you find peace and stability in your very dear country. Peace y’all!!!

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