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European Union Awarded Eight Human Rights Defenders in Ethiopia 

Schuman EU Awards receipts in Ethiopia


Toronto – The European Union on Thursday awarded eight Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders (including organizations) with Schuman EU Awards.  Daniel Bekele (Director of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission),  Yared Hailemariam (Executive Director of the Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders Center) , Melaku Belay, Ismail Yusuf, Getu Saqata, Melkamu Ogo and Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA)  are the awardees. 

The award is given to individuals with “merits in promoting democracy, rule of law, human rights, tolerance and equality.”

Apart from eight Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders, the EU has awarded it to other activists of non- Ethiopian origin who are either in exile or in prison in connection with their human rights activism, sources said. 

Daniel Bekele Remarked that he “accepts the award as a recognition of the Commission’s efforts to carry out in full its mandate as the national human rights institution (NHRI) and to shoulder with humility and integrity its responsibilities towards the public.”

He also said that he sees the award as ” a strong acknowledgement to all Ethiopian and other individuals in the country who strive everyday to embody the values of human rights”.

Despite promises of reform in the areas of broadening political and human rights, Abiy Ahmed’s administration has been restricting freedoms of expression and  political rights in the country. 

Human Rights Organizations in the country have been raising their voices against pervasive and egregious human rights violations in different parts of the country. 

Government has been putting pressure on the organizations because of their work. Organizations like Ethiopian Human Rights Council, which was founded by the late Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, have been reporting that they received open threats  from government bodies to the point that they are unable to carry out their advocacy work. 


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  1. Congratulations to these “select” groups brave individuals ( Western cadres), soon comes other perks such as positions in various US and EU “think thanks”, George Soros “Civil society”, WEF’s “Young leaders”, USAID client base… etc. etc. etc.

    Useful materials & guides as to how these processes are organized and carried out for decades if not centuries.

    Links of part 1 & 2 : enjoy

    “You live you learn”

    Be well.

  2. ”The European Union on Thursday awarded eight Ethiopian Human Rights Defenders”

    The report should read European Union Invested on 8 Ethiopian personnel to use them at some point against their own government in the future. Plain as it is….. Shelemat Dero kere…….

    US also awarded a few Ethiopian Journalist and University professors recently? This move is simply to try to contain Dr Abiy is possible…. It will not work

    I like awards, a clean one, this is EU hidden politics….

  3. Roaring congratulations to these gallant countrymen and women!!! They have been doing exactly what is expected from them. They have spoken for those who have been denied their Allah bestowed rights. They have testified in front of the world opinion that prisoners have been grossly mistreated what can be classified as torture in prison. Individual have made to disappear in suspicious ways. They have done all that. I tell this to some trigger and handcuff happy individuals within the regime. Don’t try to be funny with these patriots! Don’t even think about it!!!!


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