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Opposition reports Worsening Security Situation in the Tigray region 

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Toronto – An opposition party operating in the Tigray region of Ethiopia says the security situation in the region is worsening.  Human trafficking, illegal mining, and kidnapping are becoming common in the region, according to a VOA Amharic news report published on Wednesday. 

Individuals are being kidnapped and disappearing. Women are the main victims of the problem, the ethnic Tigray opposition party said. 

Civilians’ lives and properties are in danger due to the situation, it said. Incidents involving homicide cases are not getting justice. 

The party is linking the security situation to a failure to implement the Pretoria agreement on the part of authorities in the region. 

The Interim government in the region is not all-inclusive, something the party said is against the Pretoria Agreement, and that has contributed to the worsening security situation in the region. 

“We think that the main reason is political. Because of the inexistence of an all-inclusive government created the absence of checks and balances. In the effort to prioritize the interests of the individuals and groups in the party [ apparently TPLF], people are denied the security protection they deserve,” Alula Hailu, Chairman of Salsawi Tigray Party,  told VOA Amharic. 

In terms of a solution to the problem, the chairman says it is still possible to make the regional government all-inclusive and resolve the problem. 

VOA Amharic said it reached out to Tigray region authorities to get their remarks about the opposition party’s accusations. 

In September 2023, Getachew Reda, president of the Interim Government, openly said that the security situation in Tigray has become threatening even for government authorities. He also spoke about the existence of secretive prisons in the region. 

The Pretoria Agreement, which ended the two-year bloody war between the TPLF and the Federal government, identified, among other things,  the establishment of an all-inclusive regional government as one of the conditions of the cessation of hostility. It was the Federal government that appointed Getachew Reda as the interim president of the region. Until the end of the war, Getachew was serving as TPLF spokesperson. The TPLF posed as a party to the Interim government. As it turns out,  it emerged dominant over the interim  administration. 


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