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Ethiopia gov’t reportedly deploying over 90,000 newly trained troops to Amhara region 

Ethiopia news _ Amhara region deployment
Newly trained Ethiopian government troops leave what appears to be farewell ceremony scenes. They are deployed to the Amhara region of Ethiopia (Photo : SM)


Toronto – As the extended state of emergency is coming to an end, the Ethiopian government is deploying a huge force in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Ethio News – local news sources – on Tuesday reported that the government is deploying as many as 90,000 new forces to the Amhara region.  A video footage purportedly showed newly trained soldiers leaving in buses from scenes where a farewell was organized. 

According to the source, Abiy Ahmed’s administration has a plan to open an extensive military campaign in the region before the state of emergency comes to an end in the next ten days. It was initially declared in August 2023, with a plan to disarm and eliminate Fano forces in the region within two weeks. 

 As it turns out, the Fano forces proved to be too strong despite the government forces being well-armed ( including heavy weaponry, air force, and drone strikes) and well-trained. Multiple sources with links to the Amhara region indicate that the Fano forces are more armed and larger in number. Thousands of government forces are said to have been killed and thousands captured.  The government ended up extending the state of emergency by four months in February 2024 on the stated grounds of completing some important works in the region.  The Parliament did not resist it. 

With less than ten days before the end of the extended state of emergency, it remains to be seen if the Ethiopian government forces will manage to end Fano.

The massive deployment is coming at a time when Amhara region administration head, Arega Kebede, is making claims that the government has now control of all of the districts in the region except in four districts. There are more than 260 districts in the Amhara region. 

Meanwhile, there are reports of intense fighting in many areas in Gondar, Gojjam, Wollo, and Shewa. In some places, the Fano resistance takes the form of ambush attacks. In others, it is conventional fighting. Still, in some places, it is a combination.  In North Gondar, fighting has been reported in 19 locations. Video footage circulating on social media seems to show captured government soldiers, including those with military ranks. Another video footage, from the operation in Shoa, purportedly shows captured Federal police members with their commanders. 


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  1. When we are told the source of this news, Ethio News, is local. Where is that local? Here among the Diaspora or in Addis/Finfine? Both in Oromia and Amhara regions, thousands of young people and innocent civilians have lost their Allah blessed lives in a stupid war started and waged by stupid and bigoted individuals. Hundreds of thousands have been driven out of their domiciles with nothing to come back to because everything is destroyed with impunity. I am and will be holding all fighting sides responsible for such senseless death and destruction. The vanquish of the rogues in the bushes will not bring a lasting reprieve for the common citizens but has all the ingredients to turn some areas of those two regions into another Haiti, El Salvador or Guatemala. That is unless we all get together and help the returning fighters rehab themselves in peace and help their communities stabilize.

    Let’s hope and pray for peace! Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Very sad, misguided, and atrocious news that a specific group from the south is given weapons of genocide with a directive to kill, mayhem, and cause destruction in the north. It will not work as Fanno is a solidified force forged from fire, steel, resolve and hardship. More and wanton deaths for all involved. The precious boys in the south are simply going to be fire wood for a crazy, selfish, fascist , dictatorial idiot Abiy and his failed outfit. No benefit whatsoever to the Ethiopian mass. Only the few with suits and ties with big mouths get to stay on power for a very short time while the dying continues.

    • Ted,

      Lij Neger nesh, Fano is on a back foot as expected and they deserve to run away. Soon we will see them fight each other over disbursement of stolen goods and money from their own society.

      From the beginning I knew that this group will damage Amhara region than any other regions in Ethiopia, because it was all emotion driven with a few guns, nice music and people like you who believes Ato Zemene Kase once my classmate in a University….. what a nice boy he used to be with that big ‘’ ቦርጭ’’

      As you know the gov’t is well equipped and trained, Fano is just neighborhood situation…. TPLF can be a witness here, they got served well so just chill and wait for the end of Fano.
      NOT the original Fano who protected the country from foreign invaders in the past, too bad these idiots wasted such Iconic Name “FANO”
      The current Fano is just immature, and you can see that from far away
      I was done when I saw Eskinder Nega join FANO with that little body he got 🙂 🙂 now in trouble with Zemene Kase?
      They haven’t even won and grab a single village, but already fighting each other? what a team

      Teremes yebezawal, lower your expectation my Nigga


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