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Four including a Spanish tourist reportedly killed in South Ethiopia 

Spanish tourist _ Ethiopian News
Mago National Park (Photo : Wikipedia)


Toronto – Four people including a Spanish tourist killed in South Ethiopia. The incident happened in Mago National Park. 

DW Amharic cited the park officials to report that the killing happened in the Park’s Northern part in a jungle. 

Adebo Melese, director of the park, told the source that it started when gunmen killed a driver who is reportedly from the Arie ethnic group and who works for the park.  It triggered an exchange of fire between Arie and Mursi ethnic groups. 

The victims lost their lives during an exchange of fire. 

The Spanish Tourist was a photographer. Arie zone peace and security head Matado Berbi has confirmed to DW Amharic that he died after he was shot. There were a total of eleven foreign tourists in the park at the time. The Spanish photographer was killed during an exchange of fire. And based on the report, it does not appear to be a targeted killing.  DW Amharic cited Spanish news sources to report that the photographer killed is identified as Tony Espadas. The source also said that the embassy in  Addis Ababa did not confirm and recommended to source to contact Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The other ten tourists were unharmed and made it to Jinka town safely, the report added. 

Three of victims who were killed are Ethiopians and were laid to rest on Tuesday. The body of the Spanish tourist was flown to Addis Addis Ababa. 

The security situation in the park is reportedly restored to normalcy.  


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  1. Very sad news that an innocent tourist photographer was murdered by thugs roaming the country. Tourists have been victims of kidnappings in both Amhara and Oromia regions lately. It looks that just to be a matter of time before tourists being held for ransom. That is not good for the country’s economy and reputations. I remember during my childhood many, many decades ago seeing white tourists in my small village in Western Hararghe who stopped by on their way to the wilderness. They were alone without any native guards. They get to their planned destination behind the tallest mountain nearby, hunt gazelles or lions and go back to the capital on their all-track vehicles with their trophies. That was during the reign of the late emperor. Once in a while they may seek advice from members of my Itu clan about the latest sight of gazelles, lions or leopards. Harming tourists was unthinkable. But now thanks to the radicalization of the society by the commies since the 1960’s the legendary value that country is known for is damaged. For many, news of death has become like ‘what is the big deal about it?’
    May the deceased rest in eternal peace!!!


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